Why do I have an aggressive dog?

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When adopting a pet, we expect the pet to be part of our family and share moments full of joy. However, when we encounter an aggressive dog in our home, the scenario can become chaotic and even dangerous.

It is common for guardians to ask themselves what were the circumstances that made the animal violent. If he was so docile as a puppy, how could he have changed completely? To solve this and other doubts, we developed the content you are following!

What motivates an aggressive dog?

An aggressive dog can manifest itself in different ways and it is this behavior that leads us to diagnose what type of aggression the pet in question is. We have listed the most common ways for you to check if your pet fits in any of these cases:

  • Territorial: when the dog becomes violent for territorial reasons, it is common that he does not accept human beings or other animals in the space that he considers as his, in this point, the way his guardians deal with the limits of the pet inside the home – or the environment that is causing aggression – is crucial.
  • Possessive: dogs can feel jealousy, either of object or of a certain person, this emotion becomes destructive and can cause the pet to have aggressive attitudes when someone approaches.
  • By leadership: if a pet considers itself the leader of a group (and this can happen among its own human family), it will not easily accept being contradicted and may act violently.
  • Out of fear: when pets want to defend themselves, it is common for them to look for attack alternatives, so if you are dealing with an aggressive dog, check for threatening elements in the pet’s view.
  • For illness or negligence: in addition to specific diseases that can influence changes in the pet’s behavior, it is common that the lack of physical exercises, attention and care, in general, are reflected in the attitudes of the pussy.

Whose fault is it?

Tutors are a pet’s main way of connecting with the world.

Therefore, much of the responsibility for any unusual behavior of the dog can be attributed to the humans with whom the animal lives.

Of course, there are exceptions, but in general, it is important to continually evaluate ourselves to understand whether we are dealing with the canine presence optimally.

As much as you love your pet, imposing limits so that he understands his role among the family group is fundamental, as well as dedicating a lot of love, affection and attention to his furry companion.

Acting violently with your pet is the first step towards becoming aggressive.

Dogs feel and react to unpleasant situations, remember that you are dealing with a living being, who deserves all the care.

If your dog is aggressive and you are unable to identify factors that may influence the development of this problem, it is time to look for a professional.

The veterinarian will be able to examine your pet to understand if it is a behavioral issue or a health issue for your four-legged companion, from there, you will find the best solution for the case.

We at PetLab are rooting for you and your canine friend!

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