Which dog is the smartest? Find out here.

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Qual o cão mais inteligente? Descubra aqui.

The smartest dog is not always the dog who does tricks, paws and always waits for you in the same spot when you return. A dog’s intelligence is more related to problem solving, memory and attention.

Which dog is the smartest?  Find out here.

There are several studies that prove that a dog with more intelligence is one that can read human signals better, when we need help and when they need help themselves. It is therefore a matter of communication, although not expressed in words.

There are dogs that call attention for their physical form, because they are cuddly, more beautiful, big or small, and others, which call attention for their above average intelligence. But these characteristics are related to the type of breed of your bigeye.

It is also important to keep in mind that sometimes intelligence does not make the best dog. It is important to have at your side a bigeye that fits your life and vice versa.

Second Stanley Coren, who wrote the book “The intelligence of dogs ”, the most intelligent dogs absorb command voices only 5 times, while the rest take longer, depending on breed and genetics.



Which dog is the smartest?  Find out here.

They are intelligent dogs, very active and very hardworking. This breed does very well in the field, so it has a shepherd instinct. They have a lot of need to move, run and are not dogs to stay with little physical activity because they quickly get bored.

They are excellent guard dogs and good with the whole family.


Which dog is the smartest?  Find out here.

The Poodle is a very intelligent dog and can be found in four sizes (toy, dwarf, medium and large). In addition to being a dog with a super cute appearance, this dog has above average intelligence and is able to recover things from the water. Very sociable, adaptable and very playful.


Which dog is the smartest?  Find out here.

The German Shepherd is a very intelligent dog, despite imposing a lot of respect on those who do not know this breed so well.

It is very docile with its owners and respectful. It is no accident that it is the most famous police dog on the planet. It is undoubtedly one of the most passionate bigeyes.


Which dog is the smartest?  Find out here.

This breed is the most conqueror that walks around here, don’t you agree that it is one of the most sympathetic big-sized dogs?

They are very sociable, intelligent and for this reason, they get along very well with everyone. It is also a very obedient dog and ideal for search and rescue.


Which dog is the smartest?  Find out here.

This dog is very affectionate towards his family and children. It is also very protective.

It is a very intelligent bigeye, and the socialization made since baby is half way to be a great family animal. It is also known for its speed, because this bigeye runs very, very fast!


Which dog is the smartest?  Find out here.

This bigeye, besides being loved, is a great watchdog. They accept any training well although they are very playful.

They are very energetic and affectionate and he is also an excellent sheepdog.


Which dog is the smartest?  Find out here.

The Labrador is one of the most popular breeds in the world, there is no way not to love it. Because it is one of the most adorable breeds that exist, with a lot of energy, it needs a lot of running or taking long walks.

It is undoubtedly an ideal dog for a family.


Which dog is the smartest?  Find out here.

Known as the lap dog of the nobility, this breed is quite intelligent.

They are docile, calm, obedient dogs although very active like most very intelligent dogs, but they do very well in apartments.

It is undoubtedly a happy, docile breed and is not aggressive.


Which dog is the smartest?  Find out here.

This bigeye has the most powerful appearance on the list, but the appearance is very misleading!

It is widely used as a therapy dog ​​for its intelligence and helping spirit, and is a very territorial dog.


Which dog is the smartest?  Find out here.

Also known as a sheepdog, he is a big dog very loyal to humans. Very energetic and in a good mood, his intelligence and perspicacity makes him one of the favorite dogs for the field.

It is important to emphasize that any dog ​​can be trained.

This ranking considers only dogs with the fastest response capacity and also considers rescue as essential for a dog to be ranked as the most intelligent.

Anyway, we found a lot of intelligent dogs with no defined breed, or any other breed. So, with the dedication of a lot of time and persistence, we managed to teach many tricks to our favorite bigeyes. Have you seen any ranking of sweetness? It is impossible, in our eyes all dogs are sweet and the ideal choice to have beside our family.

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