What to choose in terms of pet insurance?

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Since we count our pets as full members of our family, we owe it to ourselves to protect them and maintain their good health. The best solution is to opt for animal insurance from a specialized company offering several formulas. The question to ask is: what type of insurance to choose for your animal?

Animal insurance: knowing how to determine the needs of your animal

When it comes to pet insurance, you should not choose a mutual insurance company at random. Indeed, we must take into account the needs of our animals, especially those with a certain pathology. Other criteria should also be studied, such as the age of the animal, its sex, its breed and its daily living conditions. You must be able to assess the risks to which your animal is exposed, whether it is an accident or an illness.

The different types of animal insurance contracts

When we talk about pet insurance we tend to refer to the health contract. The purpose of this cover is to guarantee the payment of the health costs of your animal. If the latter has health problems due to his age or has suffered an accident, the owner will receive coverage on all expenses incurred.

Medical care, hospital costs, consultations with the veterinarian and surgical operations are guarantees included in the health insurance for animals.

Then there is the liability insurance for pets. Just like the contract for human beings, this mutual fund makes it possible to take charge of the various damages caused by animals. According to the Civil Code, the owner remains primarily responsible for his animal, including the damage he has caused. You must therefore make sure to take out a civil liability policy for your pet.

What are the new formulas for animal mutuals in 2021?

Mutuals intended for companion animals allow you to benefit from three types of formulas distributed as follows:

  • The basic formula: this is a guarantee offered to the owner of pets to cover common acts in the event of illness or accident. The most affordable solution, the basic formula offers a reimbursement of 50 to 60%.
  • The full formula: it provides reimbursement of incurred expenses of up to 70 to 80% of the annual ceiling. This type of contract is recommended for owners who have pets that need regular veterinarian consultations.
  • The great comfort formula: this is the preferred contract for pet health coverage. With an annual ceiling that reaches 90 to 100% of the expenses incurred, this animal insurance translates as the best of the moment. In addition, the formula sometimes includes partial coverage of preventive acts.

To these three kinds of formulas is often added that of prevention. The latter makes it possible to supplement the basic contract with products and acts such as health checks, vaccination, sterilization, specific food, deworming, etc.

And you, have you ever thought about taking out insurance for your pet? Whether for a dog, a cat, a rabbit, a horse … suitable contracts exist for all animals.

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