Understand blood transfusion in dogs

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Foto Entenda a transfusão de sangue em cães

Did you know that it is possible to perform the blood transfusion procedure in dogs? That’s right!

Although they are less common in pets than they are in humans, transfusions can assist in recovering the health of affected pussies, requiring some specific conditions for donor and recipient.

If you know any dog ​​that can use this very delicate – and savior – process of veterinary medicine, be sure to read this content until the end and share it with your network of friends.

What is blood transfusion in dogs?

Blood transfusion in dogs is one of the most specific procedures in veterinary medicine, proving necessary when a dog has severe anemia or some disease that causes anemia – such as hemoparasitosis.

In addition, cases that include hemorrhage, coagulopathy and hypoproteinemia (drop in the level of protein in the blood) may also require transfusion action.

In all situations, only the veterinary professional can diagnose and define what actions are necessary to control or cure the situation.

Who can donate?

The donor cannot be a carrier of blood-borne diseases and must have a minimum weight compatible with the amount of blood to be transferred, with advice of a weight above 30 kg, preferably with docile behavior.

In general, the collection is performed when the animal is fasting for 12 hours, without the use of sedatives.

In the days that follow, the dog must be closely monitored and spared any activity that requires effort.

Who can receive?

Several tests are performed before the blood transfusion procedure in dogs is carried out.

Clinical analysis will determine whether or not a pet can receive blood using this measure.

Meek behavior is also indicated in this case, with indications of weight and general care being defined only by the responsible professional.

Are there blood banks?

As with human medicine, there are blood banks for pets, however, in a reduced amount.

If you want to volunteer your pet to be a donor of the blood transfusion process in dogs, consult universities and veterinary hospitals with available banks, such as HOVET, for example.

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