Transporting pets with Uber: is it possible?

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Foto de Transportar pet com a Uber: é possível?

Since UberPet was canceled, several doubts about the transport of dogs and cats through the app’s cars have arisen. After all, is it possible or not to transport pets with Uber? If you still don’t know the answer to that question, it’s time to check out our content and guarantee the best rides for you and your four-legged companion!

Can I take my pet with Uber?

Uber presents itself as a “pet friendly” company, even so, there are some specifications that should be checked when defining a trip with your pet.

According to federal laws, guide animals can always be taken with their guardians, after all, these people have special needs and need to be directed.

In other cases, the company’s recommendation is that the traveler communicate the driver through the application about the intention to take the pet with Uber, so it is necessary to wait for the driver’s approval before making the decision.

The driver agreed! What should I do?

This approval is really essential. If the person responsible for driving the vehicle has agreed to transport your pet with Uber, it is necessary that you ensure certain measures that will make the trip much smoother!

  • Transport object: if your pet has a transport object, such as a purse or box, it is recommended that use be made during the trip, avoiding inconvenience.
  • Bank protection: to keep the vehicle seats protected from possible damage, always carry a towel, blanket or any other part that can act as a liner for the interior of the car.
  • Seat belt: if your dog or cat is not going to be transported inside a specific object, the use of seat belts is essential, after all, only then will your pussy be transported safely.

Can I count on PetLab?

Of course! In the PetLab online store you will find the best products for dog and cat care. The Domestics line offers the incredible Super Premium Hygienic Mat for your dog, ideal for transporting your pet with Uber, while the Extracts line ensures that your cat always travels very fragrant.

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