Pet and child: how to provide the best interaction?

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Foto de Pet e criança: como proporcionar o melhor convívio?

When we think about childhood, it is common to remember countless happy and fun moments. If you have had a pet during this stage of life, you know that the joy becomes even more contagious when the moments are shared. But after all, does the pair formed by pet and child really work?

We know that the time to adopt a pussy is even more delicate when there is a little one at home, so we have separated some essential information and tips for you.

What are the benefits of the relationship between pet and child?

In general, we can say that having a pet during childhood can be quite beneficial. The bond of friendship between pet and child can contribute to the emotional and social development of the child in question, attributing notions of responsibility and care for others, for example.

It is worth remembering that everything will depend on the planning carried out by the family, who must verify that the conditions related to the routine, accommodation and even, specifications of the child’s health, are adequate for the reception of the pet at home.

What care is needed?

As previously mentioned, if you already have a child at home and are considering adopting a pet, it is important to be aware of certain measures necessary for the coexistence to occur in a peaceful and natural way. Attention about:

  • The pet is not a toy: make it clear to the child that the pet is a living being, that it feels everything that happens to and around it, therefore, it must be treated with respect.
  • Check your day to day: as cute as the combination of pet and child seems, there are obligations that accompany it, so be sure that you will know how to deal with all possible circumstances.
  • Be structured: it is important to ensure that your family is financially – and emotionally well – able to deal with the relationship between child and pet, so you will avoid future frustrations.
  • Double liability: considering that your child and your pussy will depend on you for certain activities and will not make really logical decisions, these measures are up to you, which means that you will have to be twice as responsible.

How do you know if the time is right?

To decide on the best time or issues related to the size and breed of the dog, you need to be aware of every detail that permeates your daily life. The child’s age and temperament, for example, will be determining factors in making this decision.

Research in depth, talk to professionals in the veterinary field and in the area of ​​children’s physical and mental health, to ensure that each step is taken with the greatest assertiveness possible.

The best interaction between pet and child happens when you are really ready.

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