Inside the geometric shear!

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Foto de Por dentro da tosa geométrica!

I bet when browsing the internet you have come across pictures or videos of dogs with peculiar “hairstyles”, right? The act of personalizing dog hair cuts in different shapes is known as geometric grooming.

This practice is very controversial among the pet sector and has been a trend during the last few years, especially in the East. And today, you will know some details about this fashion for pussies.

How did the geometric grooming come about?

This innovative and very controversial idea emerged in a Pet Shop in Taiwan, which started offering this service to its customers.

In this case, the owner could choose whether he would like a square, round or triangular cut for his pet’s coat.

Geometric shearing also became popular due to the contest Japan Dog Festival from 2012, which yielded surprising images of dogs and their different formats that went viral over the internet.

Can the geometric grooming be done on any pet?

Although adherence to this type of cut is not so common here in Brazil, it is important to remember that not every dog ​​can be subjected to the procedure.

Due to the need for constant maintenance, geometric grooming can only be performed on dogs with a large amount of hair, otherwise, the action will mean a serious risk to the pet’s health.

Is it safe to perform this type of procedure?

Geometric grooming requires a lot of skill. In this way, only the appropriate professionals, who know the necessary care for the dog’s coat, can safely perform it.

In addition, it is important to remember that your pet is a living being. He feels as much as you do!

So don’t treat it like an object. Before performing any cosmetic procedure on your cat, consult a veterinarian and check if your idea poses a threat to the pet.

Still, it is important that you really think about how comfortable your pet is with that decision. Can it harm you on a daily basis or compromise any aspect of the dog’s physical and psychological health? So, it’s clearly time to undo your plans.

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