How to Introduce a New Pet in your Home!

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When we adopt a pet, we live in a moment of great joy, expectation of good memories and excitement, after all, the family is growing! Despite all the euphoria, it is necessary to act rationally with the arrival of a new pet, since the first days are a little difficult for the pet, but there are many ways to make the adaptation happen with more tranquility, both for you when for the new pet.

How to introduce the new pet at home?

Create a corner for him: When the animal reaches a new home, the first reactions are strangeness. One way to make the new pet feel more comfortable is to create a special corner for him from the beginning, which over time will become his safe space. For that, choose a comfortable place, put the bed, the food and water jars and take him to know the corner so that he feels more comfortable during this period.

If you have adopted a puppy dog, it is very important to know that in the first days, the animal will miss his canine family a lot. It is good to have blankets that keep him warm or other props that contain the smell of dogs so that he feels less helpless .

Earn the animal’s trust: It is very common for a new pet to be a little suspicious. Of course, little by little he will realize that he is in his new home with his new family, for this to happen, the ideal is to play a lot with your new pet, give snacks and other activities that make the animal create a bond with his new family. .

Beware of scolding: It is important to know that the animal will not get everything right the first time, in the way you want it to behave, especially when it comes to peeing in the right place. It is necessary to have patience in the first moments, since the animal is still getting used to his new home and not everything makes much sense for him yet.
Instead of scolding, which he will not understand, you should encourage giving snacks and partying every time your new pet does something correctly. Soon he will understand that if he repeats this behavior, he will be rewarded with a lot of love and delicious food.

With love, patience and a little strategy, introducing a new pet into your home may be easier.

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Congratulations on the adoption and good luck!

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