How to bathe your pet at home?

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A lot has changed in the last year and it is a fact that we spend more time at home than ever before. The care of the pet also needed to be adapted and many tutors started to take care of the hygiene of the furry animals at home. Bathing the dog is not such a difficult task, but you need to be careful.

What is the best shampoo? Can I use mine to bathe the furry? And the ideal water temperature? How to protect your ears? These and many other doubts can arise when bathing the dog. See below for tips on how to bathe your pet at home!

Clean and smelling

We prepare a step by step for bathing the dog at home:

  1. Separate everything you are going to use before calling the pet. You must have: shampoo, conditioner, ear cleaning solution and cotton, toothpaste and toothbrush, towel and hair dryer (if the pet’s hair is long).
  1. Choose a calm and comfortable place to bathe the pet. It can be in the bathtub, in a bucket, in the shower and even in the backyard (on a hot day).
  1. Before bathing, brush the pet’s hair to help untangle and remove dead hair.
  1. Pay attention to the temperature of the water, which must be lukewarm.
  1. Protect the fur’s ears with cotton and avoid contact of the products with the pet’s eyes.
  1. Place the shampoo in the palm of your hand and spread it on the pet’s body. Rinse well and do the same with the conditioner.
  1. Brush the dog’s teeth with a toothbrush and a paste suitable for dogs.
  1. After bathing, wipe the body with a towel to remove excess water. To dry, use the dryer away from the hair, always placing your hand in front of it to check the temperature. Take the opportunity to comb your hair with a shaver.
  1. Clean the ears with cotton wool on the finger and an ear cleaning solution. Never use a cotton swab. The ears should be cleaned only on the outside, without forcing them to the bottom of the ear.

After the bath, don’t forget to reward the pet. If he behaved well during the bath, it is worth giving him a snack.

Important care in the pet bath

For the bathing mission to be a success, it is necessary to take some precautions. The first is to prepare a safe place to bathe the dog. For very agitated pets, the attention should be redoubled at the bathing place. No placing the animal on top, for example, in a bathtub over the sink, or having sharp or sharp objects next to the bath.

The task of cutting nails should be left to bathers and groomers. Although it seems easy, cutting the nail can be chaos if it reaches the vein that accompanies the growth of the nail. Another tip is to always use only veterinary products for pets. No baby products!

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