How about adopting a rabbit?

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They are cute, adorable and all sweet. Rabbits can be as fun as a puppy or kitten, and are curious and playful as well. But beware, these little rodents love to chew on anything they find! If your kids leave their clothes on the floor, if you have pom poms and cords hanging from your curtains … you will quickly learn that puttying is one of your new pet’s favorite pastimes. Even if the rabbit is a household animal, do not leave it alone at home unattended. And if your computer or one of your household appliances no longer works, it is preferable to check the electrical cord for signs of teeth …

You may have to incur some expense to prepare a house for your new friend. You will need a hutch or cage to keep it safe at night or when you are not supervising it. You will find them in pet stores at various prices. Or if you are good at DIY, build one yourself. But do not use grids or slats that are too close together; take care that the rabbit cannot injure itself.

What health insurance for a rabbit?

Other expenses to consider are the normal health care that you need to provide for any pet. Sterilization, vaccinations, treatment against fleas as well as any minor injuries that could happen to him … For this, there are special health insurance for NACs, of which rabbits are part (NAC = New Pets).

SantéVet has been the leader in animal health insurance in France for 15 years. Their mission is to allow the greatest number of pet owners (Dog, Cat and NAC) to access the best veterinary care, by reimbursing the health costs of their 4-legged companions. Request an online quote from Mutuelle Animaux here.

Rabbits are calm, clean and, for the most part, like to be left alone. However, they are also sociable creatures who love to be cuddled.

Rabbits especially appreciate large spaces where they can roam and explore. Make sure they have space to exercise. Provide a door for their hutch / cage so that they can access it freely. They will feel more comfortable if they have a safe place to take refuge.

Can you train a rabbit?

Like most other pets, rabbits all have different personalities and are very friendly with their owners. They can be easily trained using treats (with the same techniques as for training a dog).

If you think a rabbit is a pet you could share your life with, check with an animal shelter near you. They often have rabbits to adopt.

Remember that every pet needs love and care. Rabbits need a little more care than a dog or cat. Do not forget it !

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