First Aid Webinar for pets

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primeiros socorros em animais de companhia

first aid in pets

Zoowish promotes a workshop on first aid for dogs and cats in a format 100% online to ensure the safety of all stakeholders.

First aid can be crucial to ensure the safety of your bigeye.

The first-aid workshop on dogs and cats, aims to transmit the necessary knowledge so that the participants are able to act, until the arrival of a health professional, providing primary care and stabilization of the animal.

Among other topics, the following situations will be addressed, in which the aspects involved will be analyzed and the procedures to be exemplified will be exemplified:

  1. Simple and serious wounds;
  2. Accidents; fractures;
  3. Intoxications: food and medicines / toxic products and how to act;
  4. Thermal shocks; breathing difficulties;
  5. Convulsions, dystocia, allergic reactions, hemorrhages, syncope due to hypoglycemia;
  6. Alarm signals: when asking for help from a professional;
  7. Shopping list to keep the first aid kit complete;
  8. How to handle an animal in pain;
  9. How to measure vital signs.

The training has a cost of 60 euros and will be given by the Veterinary Doctor Dr. Nuno Paixão, clinical director at Hospital Veterinário Central and provider of animals in Almada and at Veterinary Nurse Gonçalo Babau of the Veterinary Hospital VetOeiras.

If you have a bigeye or work with animals, do not miss the opportunity to acquire knowledge from the best professionals.

Learn more about webinar on here.

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