Feline sporotrichosis: what is it and how to treat it?

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Foto de Esporotricose felina: o que é e como tratar?

Have you ever heard of feline sporotrichosis?

This is a very serious disease that can cause serious damage to your cat’s health.

In addition, sporotrichosis can be transmitted from pets to humans, which makes the threat even greater.

If you still don’t know what are the rich and ways of treating the disease, be sure to check out this article! After all, your pet’s health is your responsibility. He counts on you.

What is feline sporotrichosis?

Feline sporotrichosis is the format of the disease sporotrichosis – capable of affecting several species of animals, including humans – that manifests itself in cats. It is proliferated by a fungus called Sporothrix schenckii, that is present in the soil and vegetation.

The health complication occurs more frequently in male and young cats, through wounds generated by contact with material contaminated by the fungus and by vectors, such as ants and fleas.

After contamination, lesions caused by sporotrichosis do not usually appear instantly, and may take from 1 to 12 weeks to appear. Generally, the regions most affected by injuries are the head, tail and feet.

What are the symptoms?

The signs of feline sporotrichosis are usually quite clear. Check out some of the possible symptoms:

  • Ulcers: the appearance of ulcers on the skin of your pussy can represent an obvious sign of the disease, especially if there is a transparent secretion – or with traces of blood.
  • Absence of hair: sporotrichosis can cause alopecia in regions of your pet’s body, be aware of the lack of coat in certain places.
  • Nodes: in some cases, this disease can also stimulate the appearance of nodules in the animal’s body.

It is worth remembering that in circumstances in which feline sporotrichosis has already developed considerably, the infection can affect internal organs. This finding makes it even more important and urgent to go to the vet.

How is the treatment done?

The treatment of feline sporotrichosis should only be done by a veterinary professional. This is a process that can involve the use of different medications, and as we know, cats are sensitive to medications.

In addition, sporotrichosis is a disease that poses a risk of death for the infected animal, so care must be even more specific and assertive, preventing the pet from suffering from new discomfort or the evolution of the disease.

During treatment, the cat should be monitored by the veterinarian in question, who will check to see if the disease is regressing, paying attention to each sign. Anemia, depression, vomiting and hypothermia are issues assessed in this delicate moment.

According to the pet’s health situation, medications can be applied, especially antifungals and immunity boosters. For all cases, there are alternative therapies that can help the pet’s recovery.

If your cat has contracted sporotrichosis or if you know a pet with this disease, do not despair. The chances of recovery exist and depend a lot on the speed with which the treatment is provided.

Offer your pet the best care, always be by his side and show your love in every moment. This will make all the difference for your pussy to overcome this health complication.

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