The Bichon Maltais dog: Know everything about him!

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Tout Savoir sur le Bichon Maltais

Considered a small breed of dog, le Bichon Maltese is the perfect pet. Due to his character and his physique, he will know how to seduce young and old alike to flourish in his home.

The origins of the Bichon Maltese

Originally from the Mediterranean and more precisely from Sicily (and not from Malta, contrary to what its name suggests), the Maltese is one of oldest dog breeds presented to date.

Indeed, it was discovered in Antiquity in Greece and Rome. Its name comes from its discovery in a small town in Sicily called Melita. It was imported to South America around the 10th century and has been called Havanese. It is known today under these two names.

The character of the Bichon Maltais

The Bichon Maltais has a character very calm, with great intelligence. He is also a very elegant and proud dog. Due to its small size, the Bichon Maltais is lively and full of energy. The strong point of his character is undoubtedly that the dog loves cuddles and is very affectionate.

He loves to share his territory with other pets and will get along very well with them. He is also a very good mouse shoemaker. Its only negative points concern the fact that the Bichon Maltais is a bad watchdog and does not like strangers. He quickly gets scared.

The physique of the Bichon Maltais

The Bichon Maltais is a small dog that measures between 20 and 25 cm depending on the sex of the dog and does not exceed 4 kg. He can live up to 11 to 13 years old on average. With its small square head and small floppy, rectangular ears, the Bichon Maltese is a hit with more than one. He also has small round black eyes.

Its long, white, dense, smooth and shiny hairs are very soft to the touch. Its white, or even sometimes ivory, coat is dazzlingly beautiful. His body is muscular and his tail is drooping as are the ears. What makes it a dog of small build narrow and long. Finally, he hates the cold and prefers ambient temperatures to hot, which is why he likes the interior of very warm houses.

The Bichon Maltais in everyday life

The bichon is very close to his master, whether young or old, and particularly fond of children, which reveals a dog extremely dependent on his home. Its main asset is that it is easy to trainbecause he is able to easily learn basic commands. It works even better when he receives a positive education. His barking is also moderate but quite loud.

The Bichon Maltais needs food adapted to its hair and its peculiarities. These dogs are very sensitive to teeth and have delicate stomachs which require special nutrition. Until the age of six months, he should be fed three meals a day and then two meals a day for up to a year. Beyond this age, one meal per day will be sufficient. He should eat about 100 grams of adapted croquettes to its characteristics.

The peculiarity is that it is very delicate in the stomach, it is therefore necessary to find him the food which will suit him perfectly. However, the amount and type of food will depend on your weight, age or even your state of health. The croquettes must therefore be of good quality. Even if they are more expensive, they contain better ingredients and therefore better suited to Bichon Maltese. It is important not to give him sweets, as he could become addicted to sugar and gain weight.

They are dogs who cannot stand loneliness. In order for him to get used to it, he must be left alone from an early age, otherwise he will feel bad when he is older. It is an ideal playmate for both children and adults and can adapt to the city as well as to the countryside.

In terms of his behavior, the Bichon Maltais is a dynamic dog, playful and full of vitality. It is therefore not recommended to adopt one for the homebody or sedentary. He needs outdoor walks every day to let off steam.

On a daily basis, the Bichon Maltais has a robust health and very resistant. This allows him not to be sick often. Its most recurring problems are eye infections, tooth problems, fragile gums and dislocations of the kneecap.

In terms of its staves, the female Bichon Maltais can give birth to up to 4 puppies at one time.

Even though it has long hairs, they are very easy to brush and disentangle. The little extra is that he only loses them once a year. There is a slight downside though: He doesn’t appreciate dog grooming sessions.

When cleaning it, care should be taken with its ears and eyes, just like with other dogs. You must be particularly vigilant when brushing your canines to prevent them from clogging.

Clear ! The Maltese is an exemplary dog, small in size, ideal for large families where he will find his place to play or receive as much caress as he wants. He will be able to exercise himself and have the company of someone throughout the day so as not to feel alone. The Bichon Maltais is a very pleasant and very gentle dog that will delight the whole family.

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