Laika dog of Yakutia: portrait of a funny pack in 10 questions

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Laïka de Yakoutie : portrait d

Do you know the Yakutia laika ? This Nordic breed dog, originally from Russia, is one of the valiant dogs known as a working dog. Formerly, the aborigines of the North-East of Russia “the Yakuts” raised the Laika as sled Dog or hunting dog and were fitted with numerous couplings. Thus, the Laika of Yakutia (oral Yakutia) is a robust dog of medium size which for centuries has accompanied man from the extreme cold on a daily basis to hunt, live, feed, transport goods, stand guard and protect its habitat and environment.
His lively and playful character, his athletic physique as well as his natural predisposition to work in harsh climatic conditions made him the closest friend of the man of the North.
Zoomalia met on the net Aude Ligier, a passionate breeder of Laika who was kind enough to present her “funny pack” to us and tell us about a happy event. Here is an exclusive interview with our expert reporter on an extraordinary breed and the first litter of an adorable dog Oraï.

Photo credit: Aude Ligier and her funny pack

1. Who are all the members of your “funny pack”?

Here is Jonah, my first dog, left the SPA at 1 year and a half. Always up for absolutely all possible and unimaginable activities, it is the energy ball of the pack! Then there is Nano, quiet strength, slowly in the morning, not too fast in the afternoon. On the other hand, when it comes to eating or going for a walk, there! he deigns to get off his sofa!

Then there is Ourai, my shadow. She follows me everywhere, she is all terrain. We are very fusional. There is also Ragnar, the marshmallow heart of the pack. It’s a candy! Very kind, big lover of hugs and in constant demand of attention. However, he is also a great sportsman who finds his happiness in traction sports such as canivtt and canitrottinette in pairs with Ouraï or Jonah!

And finally, Rune, the latest arrival straight from Russia. The house tornado, always keen to do an activity, she has a real adventurous soul! And let’s not forget the new members who are admittedly only there for a while (although … surprise …): the puppies of Ourai!

2. How did you meet Ouraï?

The meeting with Ourai is the most beautiful meeting of my life. She came at a time when I needed it most. Adopting him was the most beautiful thing ever. It was in July, under a blazing sun that I went to meet her at her kennel.

In the kennel with her mother and the rest of the litter, she seemed obvious to me in the midst of all these puppies. She was trying to get into the pool despite her little paws, she couldn’t, but she wouldn’t let go, it was so funny! She would run, then land, then run again then rest. It was so hot, everyone was living slower than usual. Mostly one month old puppies! We cuddled, I wanted so much keep her in my arms forever… She was my future dog, I was sure.

What attracted me to her? Absolutely everything. His joviality, his temerity, his face and then this little thing, this connection which had established itself between us. 1 month later, at the end of August, I went to look for her so that we become one all our life.

3. Is this the first litter of Ourai?

Yes, this is her first litter, but not the last! She will be married to Ragnar at the end of the year! And for the others, stay tuned …

Photo Credit: Aude Ligier

4. What did you fear most during the litter?

The fact that a puppy gets stuck and that endangers my dog’s life. Because Yes a puppy is cute, etc … but my bitch’s life comes first. So there was that and the stillborn puppy that scared me because emotionally speaking, it does something …

5. Did Ourai directly understand her role as a mother?

Oh yes ! You should know that the synaptic connection in the bitch’s brain is made instantly when she sees the puppy come out of her vulva. Attachment is instant. Afterwards, bitches are more or less maternal, that is specific to the individual.

For Ouraï, no worries! As soon as Shadow was born, she directly took care of it! Cord cutting, licking, sucking. She shook it all over the place, but it was a great first. There is nothing to say, Ouraï is very maternal with all her babies!

6. What do you recommend for giving birth?

To be trained, to have already done it. We can not emphasize this enough, being a breeder is a profession. Without practice and training, it’s complicated if things don’t go like clockwork.

However, in life this is rarely the case ^^ For example on this litter, I would have lost at least 4 puppies and the mother if I had not been trained by the pros.

7. What products are essential for the arrival of babies?

So I would say a farrowing box or a park with vet beds on the ground (large rugs / plaids), a heat lamp, towels that will be thrown away, a scale and all the equipment to revive a puppy!

And above all, be patient, calm, have strong nerves and have coffee, lots of coffee ^^

8. How do you choose adoptive families?

My adoptive families are handpicked! First there is a questionnaire to fill out on my website, then I contact them.

I want families with the same canine philosophy as me, who educate their dog in the benevolence and the respect of this one, who love adventures (loving traction sports is a big plus), and lastly, ESPECIALLY families that match my puppies.

For me, it is essential that it matches character / personality level.

Photo Credit: Aude Ligier

9. Is it difficult to see babies leave for their future families?

It is clearly the most complicated after giving birth! We live 3 wonderful months all together, then they go to their families. We must try to protect yourself emotionally, But it’s not easy.

Personally, I am very attached to them and I already know that I will cry for every departure. But, they will go to great families for a life full of adventure!

10. How do you describe your relationship with your dogs?

We live in harmony all together. They bring me a lot on a daily basis, push me to the top and make me happy, so I try to do everything to make their few years on earth the best.

We share everything, we travel, we have fun, we lead a pack life. Because clearly, i am part of their pack. We are a close-knit team that cannot do without each other!

The Yakutia laika is so endearing that it’s hard to resist, isn’t it? If you want adopt a “winter never dies” puppy, you should fill out a form on the Aude site and think carefully before committing yourself for life. You will have to indicate your main motivations, your sporty or sedentary profile, your criteria for choosing a puppy, and the ultimate reason for your adoption. As you can see, welcoming a pet is not done lightly. For more information about this Laika breeding, check out the official website, Facebook and Instagram right away.

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