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Quelle croquette pour un Border Collie ? Conseils d

Feeding your dog well is a priority, you might as well do it with good nutritional quality kibble. But did you choose the border collie kibble that your companion needs? Our experts will explain in detail what a Border Collie really needs in his food bowl at all stages of his life. In this way, you will know how to give the best kibble to your dog with full knowledge of the facts.

For this, Zoomalia identified the canine profile of the Border collie and gives you the essential information on his breed. Then, you will understand the food criteria to remember for this type of dog. Finally, all you have to do is select the best dog food in your basket to make your Border Collie the happiest of pets.

The Border Collier: 7 things you absolutely need to know!

Before targeting the Border Collie kibble special and long-awaited, you must know your dog’s personality inside out so that you can offer him food adapted to his canine character.

The characteristics of the ideal Border Collie kibble

Considering the athletic side of this breed of dog, the Border Collie must benefit from a quality food adapted to its energy needs. To choose your dog food well, know that your four-legged companion is one of the medium or medium sizes.

There are specific ranges for puppies, adult and senior dogs, sterilized or sensitive, to favor during the growth of your companion and to adapt according to the level of activities, size, weight and age.

The intake of carbohydrates in kibble is not a barrier to a good diet, if your dog remains active on a daily basis. In contrast, a calm dog will need to consume low carbohydrate kibble in order to avoid any risk of overweight. Its diet must be especially rich in lipids, proteins and minerals in order to meet its real needs.

The Border Collie can be subject to eye problems such as cataracts or joint diseases, hence the necessary intake of food supplements against osteoarthritis, arthritis or dysplasia. Some kibbles are specially made to accompany dogs suffering from these diseases. Also, its digestive fragility deserves your attention and will influence your choice of healthy croquettes and respectful of your dog’s digestive system.

The right amounts of kibble for a Border Collier

The dosage of kibble may vary depending on the size of the animal, its weight and its exercises and training. Discover a table of the most practical rations to know the recommended quantity for your purebred dog.

* It is essential to leave your pet a bowl of fresh water continuously, next to his favorite croquettes.

Our selection of premium kibbles for a Border Collier

I have a Border Collar puppy

It is necessary to be extremely careful with the food given during the growth of a puppy, in particular in the Border Collier. Being able to develop joint disorders, the Border Collie needs calcium, phosphorus, trace elements and vitamins, essential fatty acids, proteins, chondroitin and glucosamine to strengthen its skeleton.

OPTIMUS Puppy Complete for Puppy

OPTIMUS Puppy Complete for Puppy

Reviews 4.5 252

€ 34.99


I have an adult Border Collie

Later, in adulthood, the Border Collier can benefit from a diet based on antioxidants (omega 3 and omega 6) to strengthen its immune system and a large amount of protein to maintain its musculature. athlete.

OPTIMUS Fresh Fish with fresh fish without cereals for adult dogs

OPTIMUS Fresh Fish with fresh fish without cereals for adult dogs

Reviews 5 10

€ 56.99


I have a Senior Border Collar

The senior dog no longer has the same nutritional needs as when he was young. Although the Border Collier remains quite active and healthy, its smell and taste will diminish with age. This is why it is necessary to offer it appetizing croquettes, particularly tasty. Then opt for healthy nutrients that preserve its longevity of life, its immunity, its intestinal flora (prebiotics), essential fatty acids and zinc, high digestibility and antioxidants.

SPECIFIC Adult CGD-XL Active for Dog SENIOR Active

SPECIFIC Adult CGD-XL Active for Dog SENIOR Active

€ 24.99


I have a sensitive Border Collie

Has your Border Collie developed a certain pathology such as an allergy or joint problems? The sensitive and grain-free ranges are made for him. You will find gluten-free croquettes, full of proteins and nutrients favorable to its balanced diet and respectful of its health.

OPTIMUS Sensitive Digestion Lamb & Rice

OPTIMUS Sensitive Digestion Lamb & Rice

Reviews 5 444

€ 37.99


In summary ! You have the chance to live in the company of a Border Collie! So you care what border collie kibble put in his bowl to feed him well every day. Although the quality of the food is difficult to measure, Zoomalia has selected its best products for you and your dog. As for the quantity of kibble, it is variable depending on the size and intensive activity or not of your Border Collier. You will take into account its age, weight and size before choosing your bag of kibble. Refer to the back of the package or consult the product sheet on our online pet store to find out about the recommended rations. These may differ from one brand to another depending on the composition and ingredients.

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