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Orthopedic baskets, mattresses or cushions are revolutionizing dog sleeping arrangements on the pet market. If its expensive price can sometimes scare some, its sleeping quality is largely convincing because of its saving effects on the body.
To help you choosing the best memory foam dog bed, Zoomalia experts studied the case of Memory Foam and the criteria for selecting a good viscoelastic foam. The price is not the only reference, it is also necessary to look at the comfort, the adapted dimensions, the materials used and the easy maintenance.
Do you finally know the principle of shape memory ? Whether it is strongly recommended for people with back pain, it is not insignificant for a sick or sick companion dog. Discover without further delay the selection of our best memory foam beds dedicated to your loyal dog.

Comparison of the best memory foam mattresses for dogs

To select the best of shape memory sleepers reserved for your dog, you must compare the different criteria of comfort, the quality of the fabric, the thickness of the foam, the size of the bed, without neglecting the machine washing and the attractive price. The average density of the foam of 20 kg / m3 and the shape memory at 40 kg / m3 guarantees long-term use, machine washable at 30 °. To your stabilos!

How does memory foam or memory foam work?

Discover a advanced technology, like that of shape memory for humans. The filling of the layers associated with a viscoelastic polyester foam offers a lasting comfort for the well-being of your animal. Moreover, Tim and Pumba tested it for you and adopted it without being asked!

The shape memory concept is dedicated to all dogs, especially elderly or recovering dogs. You can offer a memory foam sleeping to a puppy for many years. This will help prevent his joint problems early enough.

More resistant and heavier than a conventional foam mattress, the memory of form confers viscoelastic properties thanks to its internal material.

The 3 forces thus combined in the viscoelastic structure guarantee an ideal adaptation under the constraint of a progressive change of shape:

  1. Pneumatic force: the air enters the porous structure of the regenerating foam.
  2. Adhesive strength: the adhesion of the different glued layers acts as a decompression of the surface.

  3. Relaxing strength: related to temperature, the material expands and slows the expansion of the foam.

The polyurethane, a kind of soft sponge, is the main material of memory foam, which increases its viscosity and density. You will also find it under the name of polyurethane or viscoelastic foam. The bubbles present in said foam create real air circulation, which promotes excellent ventilation of the bedding. In contact with the dog’s heat, the foam perfectly conforms to its body shapes and returns to its original shape when the animal leaves its cozy nest.

The elasticity of the foam that it does not deform over time. It relieves pressure points and promotes blood circulation. It provides perfectly balanced support for your dog’s spine and entire body. During his sleep, the muscle relaxation of the animal is optimal and allows an intense recovery without pain.

The viscoelastic foam should comfortably meet the physiological needs and size of your dog. You must take into account its weight and its morphology to choose the best memory foam bed.

Over time, your visits to the vet will decrease as will the consumption of food supplements dedicated to his rheumatism.

Shape memory intended to relieve joint problems, or even prevent them early enough, if your dog makes good use of them. The manufacture of a bedding from a ergonomic foam is particularly suitable for improving your pet’s sleep and facilitating regular fabric maintenance.

The polyester fabric has the particularity of being breathable, resistant and ultra comfortable for the animal. In addition, the removable fabric makes it easier to maintain your bed. The cellular structure optimizes the comfort of dog sleeping, and durably improves its health.

Zolia Newton orthopedic memory foam basket for dogs - 4 sizes available

Zolia Newton orthopedic memory foam basket for dogs – 4 sizes available

Notice 5 36

€ 44.99


TO REMEMBER ! Have a good memory and remember that the orthopedic dog bed is the benchmark for mattresses, cushions or shape memory. Like the rheumatism of your grandparents, your old dog or recovering dog deserves the best sleeping arrangements for relieve his state of health. So enjoy your pet, in great shape every day for long and happy years by your side.

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