Dog The dogs of Julien Doré alias Jean-Marc and Simone

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Les chiens de Julien Doré alias Jean-Marc et Simone

French star Julien Doré no longer hides his love for his two recently adopted white dogs. Moreover, the singer has specially dedicated an Instagram profile to them, he loves them so much! You can follow the Julien Doré’s dogs on social networks and admire the beautiful photos of Jean-Marc & Simone. Both classic and original, these dog names deserve an explanation, or at least a clarification on the personal choice of Julien, their master.
Zoomalia has ventured on the net to discover the star and his faithful dogs who never leave him. Do you want to know more ? Come on, Waf! Let’s go !

Photo credit: Julien Doré Instagram

Julien Doré’s dogs: who are they?

The Julien Doré’s dogs, the former winner of the Nouvelle Star, are rather well known to the general public. Moreover, the fans of the star could appreciate their presence in one of the titles entitled “Waf” in his last album “Aimée” released at the end of 2020. If you listen to this song, you will hear the barking in the middle of the song. of his faithful dogs, beautiful Swiss White Shepherds.

Do you know where these inspiring names come from? Julien Doré baptized his dogs born on November 29, 2018, the year of the O. But what does this have to do with Jean-Marc and Simone? Officially, his four-legged companions are called “O’Jean-Marc” and “O’Simone in order to respect the referent letter while having the freedom to choose the first name.

Check out the Instagram profile of Simone and Jean-Marc who appear regularly on videos posted by their beloved master. The artist tells his dogs in a hilarious post that they’re going to make a cameo appearance in his new music video, and so hopes they don’t hold it against him too much!

Julien Doré, a creative artist and lover of his dogs

What a creative and original artist, isn’t he? Lover of pets, especially dogs, Julien Doré inspires Zoomalia for his clips dedicated to protection of animals and the planet, notably in his video “We”. Dinosaurs are on the bill, but not only, his two male and female dogs are also included in one of the songs from his latest album “Aimé”.

For information, the singer will be on tour throughout France from October 2021. Ecologist at heart, Julien Doré is concerned about global warming and encourages each of us to act for the environment on our scale.

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