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Throughout the year and even more so as the sunny days approach, your dog can catch various kinds of parasites. It is important to know this problem well and to protect yourself from it. Whether the parasites are internal or external, this phenomenon should not be taken lightly. Not only are the parasites that attack your dog unpleasant for him, but they can also transmit him sometimes serious and fatal diseases.

The external parasites can be found on your dog’s skin, in his fur. The most common are fleas and the ticks. For fleas you will observe that your dog has more or less itching which can lead to skin lesions. Some dogs are even allergic to flea bites and from being bitten they develop skin problems. A flea infested environment is also unpleasant for the dog owner who is also at risk of being bitten and may also be allergic. Regarding ticks, it is impossible to detect them by the behavior of the dog. It is by looking for them or by stroking the dog that we sometimes manage to find them. Ticks are dangerous for dogs because they transmit very serious diseases such as piroplasmosis. It will therefore be necessary to use preventive products and to check your animal regularly, particularly when returning from walks.

The internal parasites are mainly found in the dog’s intestines. Some internal dog parasites can be transmitted to humans and cause serious illness. The types of internal parasites that exist are roundworms and tapeworms which belong to the Helmintes family or parasites of the single-celled plant organism type of the protozoa family. These internal parasites can infect the dog in different ways, either through food, other animals or through various ingestion. The signs can go unnoticed, but prevention is the best solution. You will still be able to see typical worm parasites with the naked eye by checking your dog’s feces. The ideal is still to deworm your dog regularly. On a young dog or a puppy the risk of catching internal parasites is higher and more dangerous since they can retard its growth and make vaccines less effective. A young dog should be treated more regularly than an adult dog.

For internal parasites it is quite simple you will have to buy dewormer from your veterinarian or from a pharmacy selling animal products, specifying the exact weight of your dog. These dewormers can come in different forms such as appetizing tablets, a paste to swallow with a large syringe, or liquid to swallow with a pipette or put in food.

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You will choose according to the ease of administering it according to your animal. When the dog is infested with worms, it is necessary to allow a period of fasting before and after the treatment for it to be more effective.

There are many treatments for external parasites. The preventive treatments are the same as the treatments in case of contamination. For dogs that tolerate water well, there are antiparasitic shampoos, but they generally do not protect against ticks. If your dog does not like to be washed, you can use pest control powder or lotions since these do not require rinsing.

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There are also some that protect your pet without using any product. The collar will need to be changed often to keep it effective and will be used for prevention. You can also buy antiparasitic sprays to put on the animal or in the environment. The application of spray on the animal is effective but quite unpleasant for the owner as for the dog it is preferred to treat the tissues. You will find pipettes of pest control product to be applied to various points of the animal’s body which turn out to be much easier to use than the spray. And are the most effective prevention methods against fleas and ticks. Finally, be aware that there are now tablets against external parasites sold by your veterinarian.

In the event of contamination, certain accessories will help you a lot.
If your dog catches ticks, they should be removed quickly and carefully, being careful to tear off the tick’s head. For this use hooks or anti-tick pliers. Using these accessories is easy, but to release the tick even more easily you can apply an ether pad to the tick for a few minutes without using your forceps or hook. The combs will allow you to remove dead fleas and excess product after treatment. You will sometimes be able to trap live fleas that you will have to try to catch and kill. Finally, to radically treat your home there are sprayers to choose from depending on the number of square meters to be treated. It is necessary to plan to leave the premises for several hours with all living beings in the home and to trigger the sprayer when leaving. You will thus rid your home of fleas, larvae, mites and insects such as flies, spiders or bedbugs.

Advantix offers high-quality, high-efficiency pipette products at a reasonable price. You will find these products at your veterinarian, pet store or pharmacy. They will effectively protect your dog from flea, tick and even mosquito bites. There are 4 kinds of pipettes corresponding to 4 dog templates. You will have the choice between small boxes of 4 pipettes or boxes of 6 pipettes which turn out to be more economical. Knowing that it is advisable to treat your dog every 2 months, the box of 6 pipettes will offer you a treatment for the year. If you have a cat, you will have to take care to keep it away while applying this harmful treatment for our feline friends.

Anipep’s is a brand specializing in dog and cat nutrition. The brand offers deworming treatments suitable for both dogs and cats. You will also find a food supplement against worms in order to improve the action of dewormers and to space out the treatments.

Bayer offers pest control solutions for all types of pests, whether internal or external. The offer includes a range of products from major brands recognized for their efficiency and quality of treatment.
Beaphar offers a large selection of pest control products. You will find powders, pipettes, shampoos, sprays and home treatments for a very low price. It is the solution to adopt for the most limited budgets.

Francodex is a specialist brand in animal laboratories. The brand offers antiparasitic pipettes to be applied every 4 weeks for an average price. You will also find sprays, powders, shampoos and necklaces for a very low price. It is a reliable brand with interesting products.


Frontline offers different products as well. A few years ago the Frontline spray was among the most effective of the products. Today it is better to prefer the Frontline combo pipette range which is much more efficient. The prices of the products are reasonable and it is a brand that can be easily found in all classic outlets.

Trixie offers you quality antiparasitic treatments in the form of powders, sprays, pipettes and shampoos. These products are inexpensive and can be ordered online. However, the cost of delivery will have to be added, which increases the price of the products. You will also find products to treat the environment of the animal and accessories such as flea combs and tick hunters.


Zolux offers insect repellant combs and sprays that can be administered to dogs and cats. The sprays solution is classified as natural, it will meet the needs of masters concerned with using natural products. Here again to order the products it will be necessary to go through the internet.


This list of products from different brands includes the best antiparasitic treatments that can be found on the market. To choose the right product for you, you need to consider it based on your household. In fact, if you have several dogs, the sprays, powder and shampoo solutions will be more profitable. If you have a cat at home, a product that can treat both cats and dogs will also be more financially attractive. Finally, it is advisable to change the brand from time to time so that the product does not lose its effectiveness on your animal. Dogs with frequent skin problems should benefit from products that are gentle on their delicate skin. Pest control treatments represent a budget that is important to spend for the well-being and health of your dog. In the event of contamination, consider also treating your habitat, the tissues in contact with the dog and your vacuum cleaner bag which may harbor flea larvae. Fleas reproduce very quickly and the eggs can hatch with the vibrations of the vacuum cleaner, which is why we must not forget to treat it too.

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