Dog Osteopathy: How Can It Help Your Dog?

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All dog owners have experienced the various joint and muscle pain of their companion. Whether it is a sick or convalescent dog, or simply a dog that is aging, our little hairballs are just like us predisposed to certain pathologies which can quickly become disabling. Fortunately, osteopath for dog allows relieve the animal or at most treat him. Some will prefer them Natural Healing as canine osteopathy, while others will turn to drug treatments, both complementary.

Canine osteopathy and its benefits

Osteopathy: what is it?

In recent years, osteopathy has made a place for itself in the animal world. Deemed natural and particularly effective, it is attracting more and more owners of furry or feathered companions who often feel helpless in the face of their various disorders. As an alternative medicine, osteopathy can be particularly effective. It is a method of care that is done through manual manipulations on different parts of the body and which will help in the short and long term to relieve pain and functional disorders that can affect the health of an individual.

In humans for example, it is widely used in the case of persistent back pain, back pain, or even in certain cases of loss of mobility of a muscle following an accident. But that’s not all ! Osteopathy is also widely used for act against disorders of the cardiovascular, digestive or even neurological system. The same goes for animals, which like us can suffer from many ailments, whether physical or mental. We are going to focus more particularly on canine osteopathy and the various pathologies that this alternative medicine can treat. Canine osteopathy, as its name suggests, concerns exclusively man’s best friend, who has been particularly present in our homes for many years.

An effective method to replace or supplement drugs

Who has never used baiting techniques to give medicine to their dog? Who has never had to be tricky by hiding it in a delicious pâté freshly bought for the occasion or in one of their favorite treats? Spread the word : give medicine to your dog very often falls under the obstacle course. Some turn to mouth-watering, meaty-flavored tablets, while others not easily try to get the drug straight into the back of their dog’s mouth. And if sometimes we manage to fool him, the effectiveness of said drug remains questionable.

As in humans, there are drugs that can relieve and others not … Some even can cause other disorders, including digestive. This is why some veterinarians recommend turning more to alternative methods, alternative medicine, which will heal more in depth without risking causing further problems to your dog. If, however, your animal tolerates the treatments well, it is quite possible to continue them, while taking osteopathy sessions in addition. Remember that osteopathy is a technique supervised by a professional, who will know how to determine what is best for your four-legged friend.

What does a dog osteopath treat?

Joint disorders in aging, sick or convalescent dogs

There comes a time in your dog’s life when his tiny body can hurt him. In aging dogs, the most common pathology is certainly osteoarthritis, a chronic disease of the joints due to the deterioration of the cartilage and which is characterized by more or less severe attacks. It is not uncommon to see a dog completely dejected after a violent attack of osteoarthritis. In this specific case, we would tend to believe that it is enough to let him rest, which is not completely wrong. However, canine osteopathy could indeed relieve it and allow it to heal faster.

Also note that the aging dogs are not the only ones to suffer from the joints; a dog who is apparently in good health can be quite injured during a sport session that is a little too intense. Likewise, the overweight dogs or predisposed to joint pain by their race or genetics can also suffer from osteoarthritis, and not only from a certain age. Certain breeds, such as Labrador retriever, Rottweiler or German Shepherds, due to their more or less imposing morphology, are particularly predisposed to it.

Although osteopathy cannot cure osteoarthritis itself, like dysplasias, dislocations, herniated discs or even cruciate ligament rupture, it is nonetheless very effective for relieve your pet. The specialist will indeed be able to provide the necessary care so that your companion can live more serenely despite his joint disorders.

Digestion disorders

If your dog is experiencing periods of digestive disorders such as constipation, diarrhea, vomiting or abdominal pain, it should be noted that osteopath for dog can once again work wonders. With very specific techniques, he will be able to mitigate these various inconveniences that your companion may present throughout his life.

Behavior disorders

Not many people know it, but canine osteopathy can also be very effective against behavioral disorders. It happens that dogs present behavioral problems which may themselves be related to nervous disorders such as stress, anxiety or nervousness. A dog who suffers from hyper-attachment with his master, for fear of separation or abandonment, can quite be relieved with a few sessions of osteopathy.

The same goes for dogs which have not been socialized as it should have been and which can be aggressive towards other congeners. It may be important to stress, however, that osteopathy alone may not be fully effective in some cases, and should be undertaken as a complement to behavior therapy.

Difficult reproduction

Dog owners can face a variety of reproductive problems. It is possible for example to see irregularities in the female, or even a total absence of heat. Likewise, parturition can be particularly difficult in some cases. These various disorders can also be treated by canine osteopathy.

Finally, osteopathy can also be very beneficial in the case of disturbed growth. in the puppy. We can speak in particular of osteochondritis, which mainly affects purebred and large dogs, and which prevents the proper development of cartilage during growth, or panoestite, an inflammatory disease that affects the bones and which will most often cause lameness problems. Although these two diseases are frightening, it is once again possible to “counter” them through canine osteopathy.

The benefits of osteopathy on my dog

The well-being of my dog ​​above all

Your faithful dog will have his own way of expressing the ailments that annoy him. The owner will then have to be attentive to the unusual behavior of the animal: he limps, he moans, he moves with a dragging paw, he refuses to obey, etc. Osteopathy can help your dog soothe his sufferings and improve your health. You should first consult your veterinarian, however, osteopathy is strongly indicated for regularly relieving certain pathologies, as mentioned above, or spinal injuries.

Osteopathy is recommended for affections of the locomotor system (osteoarthritis, neck pain, back pain, affected hindquarters …), or visceral (disturbed transit, urinary tract infections …). But also for earache problems, nervousness or hyperactivity of the animal, licking dermatitis, rehabilitation after operation or an accident (herniated disc, lust of the kneecap, rupture of the cruciate ligaments, hip dysplasia, fractures …).

Thus, your dog will benefit from a better quality of life thanks to proven osteopathic treatments that release tension on the body and make the dog more mobile.

The course and cost of an osteopathy session

As with humans, the dog will be placed on an auscultation table where it will be examined and palpated. The practitioner will then attempt to detect all the muscle contractions your pet, while listening carefully to the Primary Respiratory Movement. At the end of his palpation, he will then establish a diagnosis and begin the first manipulations to stimulate your dog’s body, and in particular visceral manipulations, joint mobilization techniques and even massages!

If each practitioner is free to set their own prices, it takes on average between 50 and 100 € for 15 minutes to one hour of consultation.

You will understand, the benefits of osteopathy on dogs are no longer to be demonstrated. Whether we do sessions as a preventive measure or to treat the various disorders of his four-legged companion and reboost your body, this energy medicine will prove to be particularly effective in puppies and older dogs of all breeds, athletes or even scenters.

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