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On the occasion of the international sleep day, Zoomalia questions the habits of dog sleep and their master. Are you the type to share your bed, sofa or deckchair with your loyal dog? It’s up to you after all, the important thing is that your pet sleeps like a dormouse without waking you up at night. Moreover, the latter probably prefers to take a nap in a dog sleeping, a cushion, a rug, a niche maybe? Or on his master’s lap? Or on or under the pile of your clothes? Either way, you should follow some tips to promote well-being of your furry companion and comfort him in his restless nights.
Even if canine education certainly has something to do with his behavioral disorder, specific causes can affect his balance. Regular contact with your dog, hugs, caresses, a moment of relaxation anti-stress before bed will be very good resolutions to follow to fall asleep in the arms of Orpheus. In addition, they strengthen your emotional bond as well as your bond. Do not turn off the lights right away… head for the depths of the master / dog couple’s sleep.

Sleep of the dog: on the side of the masters

Who uses the famous metro, work, sleep? Most of you have seen your way of life altered, if not turned upside down, since the national lockdown and curfew. Late night outings are over, weekdays and weekends. However, the problem is not solved, quite the contrary. Deprivation of personal leisure, lack of physical activity, poor diet, low morale, all of which are factors that resign you in your daily life and prevent you from sleeping well.

In normal times, the sleep quality can be disturbed by the too full screen (TV, telephone, tablet, computer, video games), the lack of sleep leads to a lack of sleep, nervousness, it is a vicious circle. On average, a human being needs to sleep 7 to 8 hours a night without interruption to be in good shape. In order to fight against sleeping troubles, you can talk to a health professional (attending physician, sleep center, acupuncturist) or practice meditation, plants, and breathing which promote a good quality of sleep. What about your tired dog?

From your dog’s perspective

Insomnia in your dog disrupts the life of your home day and night. The origins of these disorders are many and varied:

  • Noises: many noisy sources can affect your dog’s sleep such as bad weather, wind, rain or thunder, noisy neighborhood, too close a road or air network, too frequent shouting, too loud music, etc.
  • Health problems : a pathology or the onset of a sudden illness is likely to affect your dog’s sleep, especially if he is elderly.

  • Ambient temperature : it should not be too hot or too cold. Prefer good thermal insulation of your living room, away from drafts, an interior temperature of 20 to 22 ° max., Or even 19 ° during the night.

  • Plenty of food: your dog eats too much than he needs? Watch out for your pet’s weight gain or poor digestion. This is because digestive problems or being overweight can prevent your dog from falling asleep peacefully. Choose two daily rations with healthy kibble that will keep your stomach full for longer.

  • Lack of dog sport: The happiness of your dog goes through regular outings, on the one hand, for his physiological needs, and on the other hand, so that he can stretch his paws and breathe the outdoors. It is also an opportunity to play with him and to exercise together. Fun and motivating, these games are as good for the health of the dog as that of the owner.

  • Age : Weaning is a crucial time for a puppy. If it was taken too early from its foster mother, it risks being affected permanently. It is therefore important to adopt it after its 2 months of existence, but not before. Then, an appropriate education must be put in place from an early age to adulthood in order to teach him the rules of life within your family and the basic orders: standing, sitting, lying down, no, well done. ! A balanced “puppy” diet that strengthens their growth and energy needs will have a positive influence on the quality of their sleep, such as choosing a “senior” range for their old age, as well as a cozy and warm bed.

Sleeping your dog peacefully: our recommendations

A dog sleeps at least 8 hours a night, maybe more than you do. This is a minimum average quota for a dog, knowing that some breeds can sleep up to 10 hours! And that’s not the end of it… He’ll also take a few naps, some of which with you during the day, sleeping around 4 hours. How lucky! In order to soothe his sleep, make sure of the following points.

I teach my dog ​​to sleep in his basket

Although it is adorable to let your dog sleep in his bed (he loves it as a bonus!), It is best since he is very small, to get him used to his own sleeping arrangements and to place him well. His basket should be comfortably padded and be a little larger than his body type. Also, it must be able to be cleaned easily.

You will be patient while training your puppy, do not hesitate to get help from a dog trainer or a veterinarian or by reading our expert blog. The use of a few treats encourages and facilitates the learning of the animal. He will eventually lie down in his basket through repetitions and tenderness.

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My dog ​​is exercising

It is fundamental for him, as for his master, to exert himself, to ventilate, to walk, play or run. It is true that he has energy to spare and that he needs to release his stress.

Your dog will have to eat his meals at the same times during the day, and the last in the evening away from bedtime, otherwise, he risks digesting badly afterwards. Choose premium kibbles, which are easy to digest and which satiate them enough so that they are no longer hungry when it comes time to sleep. There is nothing worse than having your stomach growl when you go to bed!

He can go outside the house

Establish some sort of routine for regular leash rides. In addition, you can install a dog cat flap, which will allow him to go out as he wants safely without disturbing you.

It’s absolute calm at home

Noise nuisance affects the well-being of your dog. Make sure that its sleeping area is suitable for sleep and that no noise affects its surroundings.

You have understood everything about the dog sleep and his difficulty sleeping. Adopt our good tips to create healthy lifestyles that respect animals. Now the two of you can go to bed. Damn, you can’t sleep now? Don’t panic, other blog posts are impatiently waiting for you to read and devour, because reading, too, is conducive to falling asleep! As a last resort, consult a veterinarian or a canine behaviorist if this article remains insufficient to solve your problem.

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