Dog Laura and Koda, a dog who dances with his master

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Laura et Koda, un chien qui danse avec son maître

This is the story of Laura and Koda, a frenzied cocker spaniel, who practices Dog Dancing with his mistress or dances with your dog. Do you know this sport practice? A dog dancing with his master, this is an original and unlikely thing. Yet Laura bears witness to this hobby as artistic as it is educational for man’s best friend.
Indeed, Laura is currently studying to become an animal osteopath and wishes to share with the Zoomalia team her passion for care, dance and her faithful companion, a rather skillful partner! Exclusive interview for you dear readers, pet lovers, whether you are good or bad dancers 😉

Photo credit: Laura and Koda

Meet Laura and Koda, a dog who dances with his master

What was the trigger for you to want a dog?

I’ve always wanted a dog, from a young age, but my parents always refused because they saw too much of it. But that’s when I learned that I was going to leave more than 500 km from my parents for my studies, that’s when they said ok! you can have your loulou! And that’s how I set out to find my companion.

So I was looking for a medium sized loulou, but also sporty and adaptable, so I was interested in cavalier king charles and cockers. But I realized that CKCs are very sensitive to many pathologies, so it was natural that I kept the cocker spaniel in mind.

Tell us about your meeting with Koda

Our meeting is really a stroke of luck, but I would also put that in the “destiny” box. I had been browsing the ads for several weeks on the internet, I didn’t know much about it at the time, although I had learned as much as possible about well-being and education.

Then, after having suffered many disappointments, a lady contacts us on Facebook, telling me that she has only one puppy left, which was the largest of the litter, and the calmest but which he could not find. of family. And that’s how I chose it, only on photo and video (I don’t recommend it at all now, you have to go and see!). But I don’t know, I felt it like that!

No, he didn’t change my life, he allowed me to build a whole new life. He saved me from myself, from my harassed past, from my dark thoughts, from my fears. He literally saved my life.

Photo credit: Laura and Koda

Laura and Koda’s Daily, a swinging dancing duo!

What’s your typical day?

I have a little atypical training, I only have classes one week out of two. Sometimes I bring Koda with me to our hands-on lessons. So he is rarely left alone. During the day, it’s MINIMUM 3 walks, one in the morning when you get up (quite early when we go to class, but rather late when I am in the week OFF, Koda is a loulou who adooooooore his grass’morning and he does a a little grumpy if I wake him up too early!).

If I don’t have class, I study, Koda remains very good on the sofa, then in the afternoon, it’s either a long walk, a hike, sports or photos! I also take a lot of time creating content for our social networks and responding to posts. And in the evening, last little walk before going to sleep 🙂

How did you get the idea of ​​dog dancing with Koda?

Haha this question makes me laugh, because I don’t really know how it started! At the beginning I taught Koda when he was a puppy, the little basic tricks, sitting, lying, giving the paw .. Then, I saw that he asked for more. So, I started looking for tutorials on YouTube, and that’s how I discovered this discipline, thanks to Dance with your dog.

So we started to learn more complex tricks. We showed our tricks in Amixem’s video (famous Youtubeur) and that’s where we were spotted for the show Paris Animal Show. So, our very first chorea dates from this event, in January 2020!

Is Koda doing silly things? Does he have a sweet tooth?

Koda is a super wise loulou, the only stupid thing that comes to mind is when he was still a baby, he stung my sister’s thongs (always the same foot) and destroyed them! But only my sister’s, if I left mine, he didn’t even touch them. He LOVES to eat, and especially to receive treats!

A funny anecdote to tell us about Koda?

Koda, clearly, what she lacks is speech! Watch out for anyone who laughs at him, he will glare at you at the same time as he will sulk! And also, when we say that we are going for a walk, and that we take too long to prepare, he moans at us! haha sacred cocker spaniel!

Photo credit: Laura and Koda

The studies of Laura, a future animal osteopath

You are studying animal osteopathy, can you tell us what pushed you towards this profession?

I always wanted to work in the animal health, I wanted to be a veterinarian surgeon. However, the 2 years of prep scared me a bit. But during my last year of high school, I heard about this job, animal osteopath, just recognized in 2017, I started looking, and realized that the training (50% practical 50% theory) was exactly what I was looking for. In parallel to putting the veterinary course in my Parcoursup wishes, I started to apply for animal osteopathy schools. I have been accepted in several of them, in particular that of Annecy, where I have been for almost 3 years now.

Despite my scientific baccalaureate with good honors, I was refused absolutely everywhere, and I was very far in the waiting lists for universities (we still do not understand). This is where I turned 100% to animal osteopathy, and that I left more than 500 km from my parents, with Koda.

Is working with animals essential for you?

It is even a need! I have always had a special relationship with animals, I understand them as well as they understand me, I know my place is with them and I want to fight for their cause and change the opinion that the we have them and their living conditions for some.

When can pet owners see an osteopath?

Osteopaths are part of the first line calls, like veterinarians. But beware, the legislation is very, very strict. An osteopath is strictly forbidden to introduce anything into the animal’s body, whether it is a drug or even a thermometer! In addition, we are not allowed to make a diagnosis of a disease either. When we have suspicions, we absolutely must refer to a veterinarian.

In this case, here are some reasons why you can call an osteopath :

  • In the event of suspected or proven lameness;
  • For a control session, see if everything is going well;

  • If you observe a change in your loulou, no longer eats, no longer tired, etc. and want to use alternative medicine.

An osteopath is not a masseur, and he does not “just” crack the joints, it is a very complete job which requires a complete knowledge of the animal body, but also of all the problems that may affect it in order to be able to speak to customers as best they can and answer their questions.

There are plenty of osteopathic techniques, they don’t stop at the joints, but take into account the viscera, the tissues, the energetics … it’s up to you to find your practitioner, and the best is word of mouth!

Do you have any tips to teach our readers (massages, gentle manipulations, relief, advice)?

I could write a hell of a lot haha! But I think I’ll give 2 tips, one for junior dogs and one for senior:

  1. For young growing dogs: Be careful not to want to go faster than the music, your kitties finish growing around their 1 year old (depending on their race and size), so avoid making them jump too much, in order to protect their growing joints. You can just as much stimulate them with research games and to deepen the basics of education!
  2. And for older dogs, especially those with osteoarthritis: We don’t think much about it, but to relieve them, in addition to monitoring their weight (to prevent the legs from having to bear too much) you can relieve them by massaging their limbs a little and by mobilizing them before they fall. gets up from his basket. Plus, in these cases, water is your best friend. Having your pooch walk in water will help him cope with his old age. Swimming is a great way to relieve sore joints!

Photo credit: Laura and Koda

To conclude, Koda, a dog dancing with his master, encourages inspiration and dancing dog. Thanks to Laura, you have just made a wonderful discovery in the animal world. You certainly knew animal osteopathy, a more than complementary profession for animal health, and you have been able to take advantage of tips to take care of your four-legged friend throughout his life. You liked it ? To continue following Laura and Koda’s adventures, go to her Instagram account and don’t forget to warm up a few minutes before any exercise or physical activity!

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