Dog Karine Ferri: the spokesperson for Animals

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Karine Ferri : la porte-parole des Animaux

Our team of Zoomaliens reporters had the chance to interview Karine Ferri, a famous TV presenter, adored by millions of French viewers. Recently seen in Mask Singer on TF1, she plays a spider, not so repulsive after all. She hates spiders, but in no case would she end their life. Committed to the animal cause on a daily basis, Karine reveals to us in complete privacy her passion for animals, her dedication, her dog and her cat who share her life. Bonus obliges! Your favorite speaker wants to deliver an important personal message to you. Dear readers, pay attention and enjoy yourself.

Photo Credit: Karine Ferri – Team Zoomalia

Karine Ferri and her crush on animals

Lover of animals since childhood, and very sensitive to their existence, Karine Ferri grew up constantly surrounded by dogs, cats, garden birds and many more. Moreover, each time she discovered an injured animal, she felt a lot of sadness and had only one thing in mind: to save it, to cure it, and to give it back its freedom. Thus, she remembers having retrieved a little baby bird that fell from its nest and having it comfortably installed in a small box lined with cleansing cottons so that it can sleep on a cloud.

Unconditional fan of Brigitte Bardot and her fight to defend tooth and nail all animals, she has been developing since her childhood the ability to look after or care for animals. As a student, she practices babysitting, and of course, dog-sitting which she greatly prefers. For those who do not know, dog sitting allows you to find a licensed nanny, in other words a pet sitter, who will take care of your animal during your absence for professional reasons, hospitalization or vacation.

Living in a large property on a spacious lot, Karine has the opportunity to keep many breeds of dogs such as a labrador, a golden, a rottweiler, etc. Unfortunately, she is forced to stop this job because she has become too attached to Pumba, a brown Labrador who stayed at home for a month. And it’s reciprocal! The separation is then painful, as much for one as for the other.

2 exclusive crispy anecdotes!

  1. Pumba devoured the saddle of Karine’s scooter, then a high school student at the time, to prevent her from going to high school.
  2. In the summer in her kitchen, she collects all the insects to put them outside, without killing them. In addition, while trying to save a bee from certain drowning, she was stung on the finger.

Karine’s commitment to the animal cause

Your star regularly sends donations, food, props and games to charitable and animal welfare foundations. She even funded surgeries for animals in need.

Over the years, Karine has adopted many pets for which she has always given an important place in her heart. Like most people, she welcomed her baby animals, however, as she matured and gained awareness, she chose to give dogs a second chance abused or who did not receive the love they deserved in a home. After discussions with her family, her husband and her children, all are unanimous in orienting their choice of adoption in a better and responsible way.

After buying her dog Dolmen and her cat Menhir from a breeder a few years ago, she now decides to welcome a new 4-legged companion by going to a animal refuge. The approach is different from that known before, it will be hard for Karine with a big heart, to face lots of animals waiting for a loving family, so she risks leaving with several dogs!

Photo Credit: Karine Ferri – Team Zoomalia

Menhir and Dolmen, the companions who delight Karine

After saying hello every morning to Maël and Claudia, her children, mom greets her “little girl” and hugs her a lot before leaving. Dolmen follows his mistress everywhere, by car, even if it means driving 10 hours. Moreover, Karine thanks Yoann for that, her husband, a very patient driver! Of course, it is out of the question to take the plane, a mode of transport that is too restrictive. When she goes to Paris, Karine contacts her husband who puts on the loudspeaker so that she can talk to her dog.

Similar in character and stubborn, Menhir and Dolmen are only 3 months apart and are being brought up as siblings. They sleep on the sofa, leaving no room for their masters. They then sit on the ground so as not to wake them up. 8 years old, Karine’s cat and bitch continue to play at home, stimulated by those around them. Rather pot of glue, they do not leave it, even to sleep.

Karine’s message for Zoomalia readers

Food, especially dog ​​food, is essential for the animal wellbeing. She would be happy to encourage you to order on knowingly. Indeed, you can buy our quality products, in complete safety, because our experts inform you about the origin of the croquettes and their manufacturing process. Find here several blog articles dealing with the subject.

Her relationship with animals having evolved, Karine wishes to share her experience with you and insists on the fact that you do not buy a pet, with hair, feathers or scales, but you adopt it well and good for all his life. Also, go to a shelter, an association or a SPA structure that advocates the adoption of adult dogs or cats who are waiting for you, generosity and unconditional love.

Call your children and tell them that they will be the adults of tomorrow. You absolutely must raise awareness of animalism, defense and animal rights. Not being a soft toy, the animal is an ultra sensitive living being, you must take care of it.

“Animals need us, they don’t have a voice, we have to be their spokespersons” says Karine Ferri.

Zoomalia repeats it every day: “We don’t have two hearts, one for animals and one for humans. We have a heart or we don’t. ”Alphonse de Lamartine.

What to remember from this beautiful meeting? Following the example of the mobilization of the French and popular personalities via the referendum for animals and the evolution of the legal status of the animal in the Civil Code (the animal is no longer considered as a material good, but is endowed with real sensitivity), Karine Ferri continues its fight at its level for the animal cause and fully encourages people to do the same. For this, information, the media, the impact of celebrities, the education of children play a decisive role for a optimistic change and sustainable towards a benevolent look at animals that surround us. And you, what are you doing for your faithful animal and its purpose? Follow Karine on social networks, karineferri on Instagram.

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