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Here is a new exclusive interview made in Zoomalia on the story of a teenage girl and her dog Joy, a young Australian Shepherd dog. You may have seen them on television in 2018 in the iconic show La France a un Amazing talent, no ? We then offer you a make-up session, not to be missed under any circumstances.
Our expert reporter had the chance to interview Emma so that she tells us about her beautiful “love story” linked to Joy for Life. Beyond his breathtaking performance mixing dancing dog and emotions, she confides in us on her meeting with her pet, her destiny, her daily life, her joys, her sorrows, her commitment to animals … Advice before reading: plan a box of tissues if you have a sensitive soul or an artichoke heart 😉

Photo credit: Emma & Joy

Incredible talent: the story of Emma and Joy

Tell us about your first meeting with Joy

I met Joy when I was 14, on vacation, a week with Joy’s breeder who was close to me. I had already had a crush for Joy before I arrived, but this feeling was confirmed throughout my week there. It was the most isolated of the litter, and my breeder and I both agreed that she held the physical potential.

When visiting families who were looking to adopt, she wouldn’t leave my knees as the other puppies ventured out to the families instead, which gave me a bit of a feeling of fate. My first impression was of a dog very empathetic towards the man, very attentive to emotions. Anyway, a crush that’s hard to explain, but it was obvious to bring her back with me.

Photo credit: Emma & Joy

Was the choice of his first name obvious to you?

Her full name begins in N, so that it is literal, but I did not hesitate on the choice of her “usual” name which for me really stuck with her face. Joy it was perfect. Joy has been with me for 4 years, having adopted her when she was 2 months old.

Regarding your epileptic seizures, at what age did Joy start to detect them?

She was reacting to my epilepsy as soon as he arrived home, although of course that had nothing to do with his current alerts. It was more like a puppy going crazy around this time haha.

Photo credit: Emma & Joy

A fusional and telepathic relationship

Joy and you are very fusional, how do you explain it?

Joy and I really have a special relationship. Most of the people we meet point out to me that she rarely takes her eyes off me. I think it’s a matter of trust. Je trust her like she trusts me, I have always met all of his needs. I never overprotected her, she’s not a child.
She knows I won’t put her in a dangerous situation, and she tailors her reactions to suit me. If she is afraid of something, but sees that I am not expressing any fear, she eventually realizes that there is no reason to react like that.

Can you say she changed your life?

His empathetic side has surely played a role in this close relationship. She’s been with me pretty much 24/7 for years, so I became her point of reference, I guess. I won’t go so far as to compare Joy to a person, to a friend, because the relationship I have with her remains that of a dog and her master, but today she is part of me.

I can only keep in mind that she has me more than once avoided dangerous situations, even critics, so I owe him a lot. It’s a bit like a mini-hero, or my little guardian angel.

How did the idea of ​​dog dancing come about?

The dog dancing got into our routine quite early, because Joy is a very lively dog, always in need of learning.

When we were bored, we learned tricks with a ball, then little by little it became repetitive, so we pushed the trick to learn ever more atypical tricks, and how nice it was to do that on music, we slowly took to dog dancing unconsciously.

You are little internet stars, do you happen to be recognized in the street?

Haha, it’s true that we are lucky to have a nice community that supports us on a daily basis, and it’s incredible to be able to especially inspire young girls to take care of their animals. When I was still living with my parents, we were in a city much smaller than Paris, so a lot of people came to take pictures, or just chat!

Now that I’m in Paris, it’s calmer and it happens occasionally. But it’s true that wherever we go, whether it’s young people or parents, grandparents, many recognize Joy’s face as “the TV dog” haha. I am very grateful for that.

Does Joy do a lot of nonsense?

Joy doesn’t do much silly things, she has always been very cool at this level. But it has already happened to him to put his head in the trash (what a deceit!). You should know that Joy is an electric battery, she is in love with her ball and her frisbees (but very much in love).

But I’m not going to hide that she has her little cute sins like eating the last piece of fruit I have in my hand, or the bottom of compotes!

A funny anecdote to tell us?

She is a real pipelette, she rarely barks, but she never stops moaning in the morning to say hello, to have hugs, to play, even while sleeping she giggles! It often entertains the gallery.

Other than that, alongside her image of the perfect dog, she is quite clumsy. It has happened to him to walk around looking at birds behind and grab a pole, or to run in and get glass.

Photo credit: Emma & Joy

Emma’s commitment to the animal cause

Are you committed to the animal cause?

I try to be as committed as possible to the animal cause, especially since we are a generation that thinks a lot about the animal wellbeing. Sometimes I work with the SPA or other associations that really make me realize the difficulty of a lot of pets.

We often forget that an animal is not just a good time. Adopting an animal also means monetary costs, compromises in terms of vacations, time to spare, energy. These are responsibilities.

What would you like to say to people with epilepsy?

I was lucky to have Joy for my epilepsy, which really reduced the difficulty of living this disease, as well as the risk, the fear of having a seizure, of having status epilepticus, or simply a bad fall at the wrong time. But I know that many people have a lot of difficulty with this disease which can sometimes be a real ordeal.

This is particularly why I hope that as many people as possible are made aware of this disease, that increasingly effective treatments are found. And even in terms of assistance dogs, there are so few, it is so complicated to set up, but it is a real help on a daily basis. Thanks to Joy, I often forget my illness and can compare my daily life to that of everyone else without feeling any particular handicap.

If I can give anyone with epilepsy advice, or even anyone in general, it is to accept yourself, to accept help and not to compare yourself to anyone. If we do not find ourselves in the current standards, then we create our own standards.

What to remember? Zoomalia won’t soon forget the dancing duo Emma and Joy, a amazing talent arrived in the semifinals. Like Laura and Koda, they practice the dancing dog, a canine sport activity which consists of dancing with your dog and performing rhythmic and acrobatic choreographies. A special nod to Joy, this bitch with a very expressive look and faithful to her mistress no matter what.

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