Dog How to transport a dog in a car? Safety for all!

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Comment transporter un chien en voiture ? Sécurité pour tous !

To know how to transport a dog in a car, it is better to refer to the rules of the road, would you say, is not it? Except that the law has nothing planned for our faithful dogs, well almost! Zoomalia has understood the regulations to follow and gives you its best advice to ensure a safe car ride accompanied by your dear and tender companion.
A good course of conduct is written in the logbook of the driver and his pet with logic, prudence and adapted materials. To get to the entire destination, without too much damage or blah, discover a little thin legislation, a to-do list to check before your departure for the adventure and great equipment 😉

How to transport a dog in a car? The Highway Code says …

Do you know how to transport a dog in a car without becoming a danger to either of them? To begin with, it is not useful to have a transport authorization. There is a legal framework regulating the transport of live animals or livestock, but nothing official for a pet.

The highway code evokes a bunch of rules for drivers, the condition of the vehicle, the children on board, but nothing specific on the transport of the dog in the car. However, here is some information our experts have found for you and your “courtesy” pet!

Priority n ° 1: the well-being of the dog art. R.2157 of the rural code

Even if it is not compulsory, a break every two hours is strongly recommended for the driver and his pet. It helps to fight against driver fatigue and to recharge your batteries. Thus, you will give your companion a drink and you will take him for a walk on the rest area, on a leash, so that he does his business. If you want to reward him for being very good in the car, you can offer him a small treat, but not more to eat, as he might be sick or nauseous. Choose breaks in the cool, in the shade or near a stream.

You’re probably tempted to let your dog stick his head out the door to get some air on the way. Beware of the risks involved: ear infections, conjunctivitis, irritation of the eyes, nostrils or ears, thermal shock, insect bite. A safety barrier on the side window prevents the animal from jumping over it and makes fresh air circulate pleasantly.

In order to promote well-being during his trip, plan a transport bowl, a water bottle and perhaps some pheromones for dogs to spray in the transport crate or the car. Soothing lavender in drops or sachets, a bed or blanket in pastel colors will be conducive to relaxation and good humor.

Zolia Sportydog 2 in 1 water bottle for dogs: water and dry food

Zolia Sportydog 2 in 1 water bottle for dogs: water and dry food

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Priority n ° 2: safety for all occupants of the vehicle art. R.412-1 of the Highway Code

The seatbelt to the standards is compulsory for all passengers of a motor vehicle, including your pet. When you are riding, your dog should remain seated or lying down in his seat securely and not on your knees or those of other passengers.

For example, if you collide with another person at 50 km / h, your dog’s weight is multiplied by 25! A dog weighing only 5 kg turns into a deadly 125 kg projectile for those around him. Hence the importance that it is securely fastened, just as you are with your secure belt.

Zolia SafyDog dog seat belt

Zolia SafyDog dog seat belt

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Priority n ° 3: no disturbance while driving Art. R.412-6 of the Highway Code

No obstacle, nor no discomfort must not obstruct the driver’s vision or movement. You are the master of your dog and your motor vehicle. A dog that roams freely in the car exposes you to a fine of 35 €. For the same price, you can find a suitable transport case that will avoid a lot of inconvenience.

Even if he is well-trained and obedient, you are not immune to the unexpected or unusual behavioral changes associated with stress or fear. Anticipate skids, unwanted barking and adopt the correct behavior as a driver and owner of animals.

Watch the crash test on the transport of our pets: sensitive souls refrain!

Our recommendations for zen travel by car

After having studied the rural code and the highway code (which is not the most interesting between us ;-), Zoomalia has concocted for you a list of its best advice that you can check off before venturing on the road with your furry companion:

  • Forget your sporty driving to drive smoothly;

  • Do not feed him 12 hours before leaving by car;

  • Administer an anti-stress food supplement for dogs before departure or homeopathy and soft music on the radio (no screaming, arguing or hard rock);

  • Provide poop bags, the health book and its identification number;
  • Choose a basket or a cage for small dogs, a grid or a separation net for medium or large dogs (stability is important in the car, it limits stress and jolts);

  • Drive at night or in the cool to avoid hot temperatures and the famous traffic jams that slow down and lengthen your driving / journey time;

  • Switch on the air conditioning at 22 ° during hot weather (if you drive during the day) to avoid any risk of sunstroke or severe dehydration and provide a mist or a damp towel;

  • Pull your sun visors over the rear windows of your car and install one on the windshield when you leave the car parked.

I have a small dog / puppy

Animals, like children, frequently suffer from motion sickness, especially in cars due to bends and crisscrossed paths. For this reason, your vet may prescribe medication anti-nausea for dogs, to be administered one hour before the trip. In addition, your pet should be secured using an ergonomic harness or a short leash which will effectively protect it in the event of sudden or sudden braking.

Finally, think of the 2-in-1 car seat / bag equipped with a lap belt which fully guarantees road safety. If you have a chihuahua, jack russel terrier, or shih tzu, put on its harness and hang the clip-on belt there like your seat belt.

Zolia Colada small dog and cat carrier bag

Zolia Colada small dog and cat carrier bag

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I have a medium and large dog

If the trunk of your vehicle is spacious enough, like that of a minivan, station wagon, 4×4, crossover or van, you can install a safety net or a fixed grid that separates the front seats from the rear bench or the seats from the trunk. You can add a dog bed or a blanket for his comfort and his nap during the trip.

Exit the idea of ​​locking your dog, even very small, in a closed box, without visibility, exposed to exhaust gases or to complete darkness.

Zolia Doggy Guard car trunk divider

Zolia Doggy Guard car trunk divider

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A dog aged 7 years or older may have difficulty crawling around due to joint problems, osteoarthritis or arthritis. The ramp foldable or not perfectly secures getting in and out of the car without danger for your aging pet.

Access ramp for dog Orthopedic DOGGY PASS Zolia

Access ramp for dog Orthopedic DOGGY PASS Zolia

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€ 49.99


TO REMEMBER ! The animal is indeed considered a passenger in its own right. Now you know how to transport a dog in a car by referring to our main recommendations. Never let your dog distract you while driving. And how do you recognize a dog that is too hot? He drools profusely, he gasps heavily, his pink tongue turns purple, so see a vet quickly. The “unconscious” who voluntarily forget or leave their animals in the passenger compartment of their car in direct sunlight are fined 750 €. If you witness such a scene, immediately contact 17 or 112.

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