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Comment jouer avec son chien dans la maison ? Mode d

Playing with your dog in the house is anything but a waste of time. Even a small quarter of an hour is more than enough to satisfy his need for fun and exercise on a daily basis. The game strengthens your complicity and the love you have for each other. It also generates a positive education, regular and balanced physical activity, and the essential development of one’s well-being.
The dog games facilitate potty training, animal training, puppy education, good behavior, socialization and understanding basic commands like learning to recall. The game also helps to counter bad habits, behavioral problems in dogs and refusal to obey.
The toy must be playful and solid, adapted to your dog and his environment. While it is easier to play outside, it is not impossible to play with your pet inside your home. Bad weather is sometimes the reason for your lack of motivation, but here is how to play with your dog with envy, kindness and safety.

Play with your dog in the house without breakage

Understand that my dog ​​wants to play

Play with animals, their bring back the ball or their learn to stay characterize positive and fun training methods. Exercising therefore aims to positively reinforce their dog training. Before starting a physical exercise, you must understand your dog, his canine behavior, in particular his casualness towards the game:

  • He lowers his head to the ground;
  • He slightly raises his posterior by lowering his body;

  • He jumps around excitedly;

  • He barks loudly;

  • He carries his favorite toy in his mouth! There, do not pretend to understand anything 🙂

Respect the rules of the game

The master is the instigator of the game, therefore, it is you who decide the starting signal of the game and the final part. Allowing your dog to growl or show fangs is out of the question. Otherwise, deprived of playing! You are responsible for the part of the play and the way it goes: in other words, be sure to calm your dog’s enthusiasm if he gets a little too excited, or help him regain his calm by cuddling.

3 exercises to play with your dog at home

Many toys can entertain and awaken your pet dog: intelligence games, sound toys, chew toys, balls, ropes, soft toys, blanket, Kong, frisbee, etc. And when these are certified Eco Label, you fully contribute to the protection of the planet by making responsible purchases.

Moreover, the range EcoPetly for dog offers products made from recycled plastic bottles. For an apartment or for playing in a house, it is best to select a play rope, pull or chew toys or squeak toys.

Zolia Ecopetly Frog Rattle Sound Pull Toy

Zolia Ecopetly Frog Rattle Sound Pull Toy

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For a return to calm or to encourage a big hug after the fun, the plush toy is ideal for sharing a tender moment of complicity.

Zolia Ecopetly Octopus Sound Soft Toy for Dogs

Zolia Ecopetly Octopus Sound Soft Toy for Dogs

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Close your dog in another room explaining that you are starting the hide and seek game ! Hide the object under a cushion, rug or piece of furniture, but not in a place that is too difficult to access or impossible to find. Let go of the “beast” and tell him to search for his toy quickly! His hunting instinct and good flair will guide him successfully. Remember to congratulate him tenderly.

Take 3 boxes that are large enough to hold your dog’s toy. Place the toy under the box, and move the boxes under the nose of your attentive animal at will. Don’t go too fast so you don’t lose focus. Well done, he guessed and spotted his toy!

With his toy in his hand, guide your dog to follow you by slaloming between 3 or 4 stools or chairs. By dint of repetitions, the animal may continue on its path without the toy. Like Mickey’s tail, let him grab his favorite toy and earnestly reward him.

Playing with your dog in the house is vital for him, because he will become a very sociable and obedient. You decide to start or stop the game. You will make the fun last depending on the degree of attention of your dog. Finally, you will encourage him strongly with a treat or a caress. Who will ultimately be the child of you two? Zoomalia bets that the owner will use his animal more to play and have fun often.

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