Dog How do I calm my Jack Russel? 5 expert tips

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Comment calmer mon Jack Russel ? 5 conseils d

Your small purebred dog is adorable, lively, playful with a strong character! The Jack russel may suffer from some behavioral problems if he lacks mental stimulation and daily physical activity. This rather energetic pet deserves his master to be patient and take the time to educate him well. Failing that, an owner unavailable for the pet training will have to endure his untimely barking, his destructive profile, his disobedience and his stubbornness to do as he pleases.
So, how to calm your Jack Russel ? Our Zoomalia experts explain 5 alternatives to adopt to straighten your dog’s attitude, because it is never too late to learn. Kindness and patience will be required!

1. Channel the excitement of Jack Russel

With a “crazy” temperament and full of energy to spare, the Jack russel aka JR is never tired and promises to show you all the colors unless you can channel it. To do this, pay close attention to him and involve him as often as possible in your own activities. For example, give him accessible challenges in the form of games, teach him to bring your slippers to your feet, or even to carry the plastic shovel when you sweep the ground. Yes it is possible with a benevolent education and a little patience.

JR tends to be the dog of the pack, the one who decides and has responsibilities. You will therefore have to frame his ease of independence in a reasoned way and from an early age so that it is good. the master dominating it and he dominated it. Beware of the opposite situation. It is customary to cling to people’s legs or to jump on another dog, male or female. His motivation is not necessarily sexual, but his terrier genes encourage him to demonstrate his domination over those around him. It must be corrected by saying NO! while showing that you don’t like this aggressive behavior.

2. Calm unwanted barking

A dog’s bark is instinctive and allows it to speak up to alert you of danger, communicate with other dogs, or alert you to a pressing need. On the other hand, repeated barking for no particular reason can quickly turn into a nightmare for the owner. The main reason is due to boredom for example.

It is then necessary call your animal quickly when he barks in your presence by speaking softly to him (do not shout, do not knock). When you get satisfaction and your dog stops barking, cheerfully praise him and reward him with a treat or a big hug. His stubbornness in barking will eventually subside over time, but don’t let go!

To support you in this process, there are anti-barking collars, safe for the animal, intended to regulate untimely barking. This option must be temporary until the complete impregnation of the message by the animal.

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3. Reassure JR to help him not to be afraid

Some breeds of dogs, more than others, accept solitude well. This is part of the educational gestures, namely, teach your dog to be alone without barking. RJ in particular suffers from separation anxiety. In order to fill this loneliness, he will start destroying everything in the house: your shoes, your clothes and your furniture will have a bad quarter of an hour. His instinct is to find you at all costs, by causing damage to your interior (and not to yourself), by barking loudly, by also crying. It’s his way of expressing his grief at not seeing you again.

So it is your responsibility to instill in him the habit of loneliness every day by fully reassuring him. For example, before you leave for work in the morning, take him out on a leash for a short morning walk. Prepare a comfortable and warm nap for him that will help him wait until you return. A doghouse will be the ideal protective roof for your animal, especially in bad weather, strong gusts of winds, thunderstorms or rains.

Think of must-have dog toys such as a chew bone, a ball, or a chew rope. Rather than damaging your wooden furniture, he will use his canines on objects to chew on at will.

As a last resort, you can also turn on the radio or TV to generate a slight background sound in the room as a replacement for a person.

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4. Exercise with JR

You must make it a priority! Your JR loves to hunt, to poke holes in the garden and not to listen to you. It is urgent to make walks on a leash and keep it by your side, especially in town. In the countryside, you can more easily let it go so that it fulfills its need to dig in the earth or catch anything that moves without danger.

Outdoor games, ball throwing, chases, agility, hiking will be great opportunities to do sport in duo. You also have to see the bright side of things: don’t be surprised if you no longer have mice, rodents or cats roaming around your home.

5. Educate the Jack Russel early on

He must learn the basic orders like the reminder! As an expert hunting dog, the Jack Russel instinctively pursues its prey and digs everywhere. It is registered in this breed of dog since the dawn of time. This is why it is important to him teach recall so that he will obey when you call him to come back to you. From the start, teach him the word “come” to facilitate this return to calm.

TO REMEMBER ! Have you tried everything without success? There remains the alternative of an anti-bark collar, a spray collar, an ultrasonic or vibration collar suitable for small dogs such as the Jack russel. Remember to take it slowly, but surely, on his education and to progress day by day without ever giving up. Your little fellow traveler is very intelligent and clever in addition, he is able to understand everything you say and has good surprises in store for you.

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