Dog Feeding your dog without kibble: Instructions for use

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Nourriture humide pour chien : Comment nourrir son chien sans croquettes ?

When you want to ensure your dog an iron health, you must be careful to provide him with a Healthy eating, of quality and above all well balanced, like wet dog food adapted to its specific needs. Let’s see how feed your dog without kibble with confidence in order to take good care of him every day and to ensure his physical form. If the kibble seems to suit your pet’s needs, it is possible to feed him better differently.

Why feed your dog without kibble?

If proteins are essential for the dog’s body, because it draws its energy from them, we must pay attention to their quality. The problem is that the proteins found in industrial kibble are often of questionable quality. Feed your dog without kibble, bad for his health moreover, becomes an obvious choice.

In the ingredients of dog food, we find meat, but also animal by-products. These obscure names correspond to poorly qualitative elements of poultry, ruminants or processes. They are in fact carcasses, legs or tendons, heads, hooves, skin, beaks and even feathers. The problem is that we find these poor quality protein in all types of croquettes. If these sub-foods come from animals and contain protein, they are no more than waste.

Just as kibbles contain certain waste, they are also cooked at too high temperature, which eliminates any potential benefits of the nutrients. The major problem is that this waste and these forms of cooking have repercussions on the health of your animals. Even when consuming high-end products, dogs can end up with itching, diarrhea and gas, bad breath, and tartar.

How to feed your dog naturally?

When we want feed your dog without kibble, it is necessary to learn about the nutritional needs. Although your pet’s diet is richer in protein, you shouldn’t forget about fiber. The dog needs about 75% protein, that is, meat or fish. But he needs 15 to 20% fiber, that is, fruits and vegetables. These needs will depend on the age, the needs of the dog and its lifestyle (sedentary or athletic). The frequency of the meal also depends on the age of the dog. A young dog will need three to four meals a day, compared to two for an adult and a senior.

The current trend in terms of homemade food is BARF diet which stands for “appropriate organic raw food”. It is about giving your dog fresh and raw food, without preparation. It is about offering organic, quality ingredients that are easy to digest with a great source of protein at 80% and the rest in fruits, vegetables and cereals. The food given must represent 3% by weight of your animal.

What are the good foods and what foods are prohibited?

Healthy Dog Foods

Cabbage, asparagus, eggplant, radish and Jerusalem artichoke can also be given, but only in very small quantities, as these vegetables may cause gas or diarrhea. We can give super foods to his dog in addition to meals in the bowl. You can easily add turmeric, brewer’s yeast, salmon oil, etc. These food supplements have the same benefits for your dog as they do for humans. They allow boost health of your animal.

Prohibited foods toxic to dogs

While some foods are only toxic, others are really deadly. You must therefore be very vigilant and under no circumstances give these foods to your dog.

Bi-nutrition in addition to natural food

In addition to a natural food and some BARF, you can alternate croquettes and pâtés to feed your dog. We call it the bi-nutrition where the mixed diet. This way of feeding your pet aims to enrich your dog’s meals with two types of food: dry food (kibble) and wet food (mash).

The kibble is digested more easily, promotes blood circulation and cleans your dog’s teeth. But the mash is rich in water and meat. It is ideal for eradicating toxins and promoting the growth of your pet. This method is recommended by veterinarians and nutritionists. However, you have to choose in all cases of quality croquettes and pâtés. By offering food variety to your dog, you allow him to eat meals more easily and facilitate a food transition in the event of a change of kibble or mash.

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Easy recipe: a homemade meal for your dog

Here is a natural food recipe for your dog to lick his lips and do himself good:

  • 200 grams of chicken fillet;
  • 2 or 3 carrots;
  • 2 or 3 zucchini;
  • 150 grams of rice or pasta;
  • 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil;
  • unsalted vegetable broth.

Preparation tips :

It is enough to heat the broth in boiling water. Next, cut the chicken and vegetables into very small cubes. Cook them in the broth for about half an hour. The rice should be cooked separately. Once drained, add the oil. Then mix everything together and let cool. Finally let your dog taste and wish him a very good appetite!

Although it is necessary to respect the proportions of meat, fiber, food supplements, there are no strict rules for feed your dog without kibble. Natural food should match the needs of your animal and its organism. The taste should not be neglected so that the dog can feast. If in doubt, do not hesitate to contact a professional for more personalized nutritional advice.

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