Dog dewormer puppy: 7 good things to know!

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Vermifuge chiot : 7 bons gestes à savoir !

Has a new companion just joined your family? This is great news, but have you thought about treating your dog with a good puppy dewormer suitable? Indeed, small parasites can infect your animal: ascaris, better known as intestinal worms, are the most common parasites found in puppies. The parasitic worms will then multiply in the digestive tract of the animal, sometimes its lungs or its heart and thus will disturb its well-being and its health.
This is why it is necessary to deworm your animal for his health. But what the deworming ? It is the fact of killing intestinal worms, therefore parasites, by drug treatments. When your dog is infected, it is urgent to act in your home. So, are you ready to deworm your dog? Our Zoomalia experts explain 7 good ways to give it better.

1. Deworm your puppy from the first symptoms

Now that we know that it is important to deworm your small dog with a puppy dewormer effective when it is contaminated, you are probably wondering how to identify it? Alarming signs will quickly allow you to realize its contamination.

Itching, dull hair, cough, fever, and digestive disorders are signs of early symptoms. The change in your puppy’s behavior can also be a sign, for example greater fatigue or loss of appetite accompanying weight loss should alarm you quickly. Also check her gums, as their pallor can be a symptom of worms.

2. Respect the deworming schedule

The second piece of advice is to respect the administration frequencies a puppy dewormer. Following a deworming schedule is therefore essential to protect and limit contamination. One of the things to know is that it is possible to deworm a puppy from the age of 2 weeks. Then, deworming can be done every 2 weeks until the puppy reaches these 3 months. Thus, from these 3 months to these 6 months, it is advisable to administer a dewormer once a month. And finally, once he is 6 months old, you can deworm him 3 times a year.

The renewal of the treatment must be done according to the environment of the puppy. Indeed, a hunting dog who spends his days outdoors is much more likely to encounter parasites in his path than the city dog, who mostly stays at home. The number of animals can also be a factor which varies the renewal of the treatment.

3. Weigh your puppy to adapt the prescribed dose

Before any deworming, it is necessary to know your dog’s weight, variable according to its breed and size, to adjust the prescribed dose. A larger dog requires a larger dose than a puppy, for example. It is necessary to respect the dose prescribed on the dewormer for puppies and to read the precautions in the instructions for use of the product to limit any risks and complications.

4. Choose an easy-to-take dewormer

There are several ways to deworm your dog. The best known is to have the tablet swallowed directly into the mouth of the animal, although this may remain difficult for some dogs who refuse to swallow it. It is therefore possible to him make someone drink or the mix in his food if he is suspicious.

Choose the technique that best suits your animal according to his character, his preference and also according to your dexterity. For puppies, it is advisable to use pastes, drinkable solutions or even pipettes, because they are easier to give. Finally, an additional aid in taking medication can be used, it is the administration syringe.

5. Give your puppy the dewormer by cunning

Now that you have chosen in what form you are going to deworm your dog, you have to tackle how you are going to give it to him. The use of a graduated syringe can be a good way if the animal is docile.

Otherwise, you will have to be more cunning and coax it by hiding the product in mash or water for example. There is appetizing dough special to help him take it. If your dog is more of the playful type, you can have fun with him, have him play, and reward him with a treat that coats the medication. And There you go ! neither seen nor known, the animal is dewormed.

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6. Make sure the puppy has swallowed his dewormer

One of the things you shouldn’t overlook is check if the animal has swallowed its dewormer. Indeed, it happens that the dog vomits or spits out its food, it is therefore necessary to supervise it a little while to be sure that this does not happen. A tablet spit out or vomited no longer has any effect on the animal.

7. Regularly deworm your puppy

Finally, the last tip is to do regularly deworm your animal to protect it durably. It is also necessary to deworm the other animals in its habitat as well as its familiar surroundings. Intestinal worms and parasites can attack your children and frail people, so it is important to limit its spread with pest control products such as a dewormer. An easy tip to remember is that you can treat your dog whenever the seasons change.

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TO REMEMBER ! Worm your dog as soon as possible as soon as the first symptoms appear with a puppy dewormer convenient for everyone. We respect the deworming schedule and renew the treatment each season for example. We pay great attention to the prescribed doses, for this we refer to the weight of the animal. Whether the dog is dewormed with a tablet, paste or diverted treat, we are careful not to spit it out or vomit it up. And finally, if you are not sure of something or if you have a problem with your pet and taking his treatment, seek the advice of his veterinarian to avoid all risks.

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