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Derrick Campana, l

Derrick Campana Today inspires Zoomalia, because this remarkable American entrepreneur has been involved for 15 years in the rehabilitation and management of pain in animals. It offers suitable treatments for disabled dog and offers therapeutic solutions in each case thanks to the construction of prostheses or mobility devices.
It is not just canines affected by these acts of bravery. Felines, equines, farm animals and wild animals are also entitled to their motor equipment.
Discover the fascinating profession of Derrick, its innovative companies which produce non-standard equipment for save animal life and help them to regain normal conditions of existence.

Saving a disabled dog, a source of inspiration

Originally, Derrick Campana designed orthopedic devices and of prostheses for men. Following a special request from a veterinarian friend, he successfully developed a prosthetic leg tailored to Charlie, an injured black Labrador.

Inspired by so many passions and talents, he launched his company in 2005 Animal Ortho Care (AOC), acquired in 2016 by the company Caerus, specialized in orthopedic care for animals or orthotics. Graduated in kinesiology, biomechanics and with a master’s degree in prosthetics, he subsequently created Bionic Pets, the expert company in prostheses for bionic animals.

Derrick’s inspiring and motivating mission makes it possible to offer a powerful device to all domestic animals (dogs and cats), but also to farm animals (sheep, cows, horses, ponies, donkeys, goats), and even to wild animals like elephants, dromedaries or llamas!

Help my disabled dog with a complete device

Innovative high tech products meet the basic needs of your pet. Braces for dogs and cats, braces for horses, a ideal orthopedic support to regain better mobility.

There is also a kind of electromagnetic blanket which pulses heat and waves at the cellular level to reduce pain and stimulate blood circulation. Perfect for optimal rehabilitation.

In addition, additional cuffs are used to alleviate pressures on the skeleton of the animal, and then reduce back pain. But that’s not all: dog knee pads, leg (or paw) prostheses, CCL orthotics or hip orthoses are made for all animals.

Finally, you will find support accessories or limb support which consists of relieving the suffering or handicap of the animal: dog splints, soft and comfortable socks to wear under the brace, a casting kit to mold a part of the body of the animal in order to achieve a partial or complete prosthesis.

Re-educate my disabled animal for its well-being

Bionic Pets builds custom prostheses and personalized according to the species and morphology of the animal, in order to replace an amputated limb. This animal rehabilitation, close to medical technologies, is approved in human patients. The goal is to find your animals by better health and happy to live by your side.

The accidental causes of such a life handicap are numerous. They may be due to surgical removal, genetic defects, injuries or chronic diseases, pain or inflammation. Victims of cruel and irresponsible breeding methods, some domestic and farm animals are mistreated, euthanized, and in the best of cases, severely amputated and disabled. Fortunately, voluntary associations work every day for the animal cause and recover the unfortunate animals, in poor condition, and restore them with a lot of love and specific care.

While some surgeries are not feasible due to the animal’s advanced age or fragile health, AOC offers a healing alternative to enable it to relive, walk, or even run, from a simple molding or a contoured 3D design according to his body measurements.

Either way, if your dog is disabled, he will definitely need a prosthetic limb for animal, guaranteed for life, followed by a good re-education of osteopathy and electromagnetic field therapy.

Many animals are victims of accidents or mistreatment, and their fate comes to an abrupt end in euthanasia because of their handicap. Derrick Campana gives a second chance to animals in difficulty. Because your pet is irreplaceable, and it holds a prominent place in your family, Bionic Pets and Animal Ortho Care provide a solution to safeguarding your injured or disabled animal for life.

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