Dog Anti bark collar comparison for dogs 2021: our 7 bestsellers!

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Comparatif collier anti aboiement pour chien 2021 : nos 7 bests-sellers !

The French love their dog. They own 7.6 million and maybe you are one of those lucky owners. Owning a dog is a pleasure that comes with responsibilities. Your dog expresses his emotions through a variety of behaviors. His barking corresponds to one of the means of communication he uses to translate the situation he is going through: happiness, stress, danger, discomfort … listen how your dog feels.
Sometimes, however, the barking seems too frequent, too intensive … in short, inappropriate and threatens the peace of your home, and relations with your neighborhood. If your dog’s barking becomes a nuisance, several solutions can be considered: in the long term, your dog must be educated so as not to bark indiscriminately.
At the same time, you can turn to a dog bark collar, which will guarantee you not to create noise pollution, especially in your absence. You should be aware that this collar does not replace the education to which your dog is entitled, but that it can be a backup solution. We offer you below an insight into this problem of untimely dog ​​barking, and what solutions to control it.

Why use a dog bark collar?

Your dog is likely to bark, and sometimes in an inappropriate manner. Many causes can be at the origin of this situation:

  • He is in the grip of stress exacerbated by external factors, such as traffic, other dogs …
  • It has been trained to guard your property and it barks at the slightest noise as soon as a pedestrian approaches.
  • He barks as soon as you leave the house, because he can not stand loneliness or badly, and does not hesitate to bark to get your attention and to ward off your departure.
  • The slightest pain makes him scream at death, and he doesn’t stop.

Naturally, this barking annoys you and your neighborhood because it covers a large area and is likely to give you trouble with law enforcement. There are several options then: your dog will bark a lot, but when you are there, he will obey you and stop barking when you ask him to be quiet.

When you are away, he barks, which is annoying. You must act, because this barking is the consequence of an alteration in his behavior. A bark collar provides an effective solution to your dog’s seizures. Programmed to act when your dog barks intensely and for a long time, it is effective in alleviating this problem. Such a device does not induce no suffering for your dog: it therefore does not induce any injury or any sequel to your animal.

How to use an anti-bark collar?

A bark collar is effective on all breeds of dogs. But it should not be used before the age of 6 months, and is therefore not recommended for puppies. The use of this collar goes hand in hand with an overall strategy of educating your dog, which is benevolent and peaceful.

There are several models, running on batteries or battery, and you must absolutely comply with the instructions for use of the collar you have chosen, by selecting the operating mode: the setting adapted to the morphology of your dog especially around the neck, the intensity level you have selected and the type of collar you have acquired.

Indeed, anti-bark collars work according to different principles: there are mainly four types of collars:

  1. The electrostatic stimulation collar
    The principle is based on electrostimulation. At the time of barking, your dog receives low intensity, painless and immediate electric shocks which cause discomfort to the dog. It can be programmed to trigger after several barks, or immediately upon the first bark.
  2. The spray collar
    When barking, the collar projects a spray in the form of liquid or vapor. In general, the spray contains unpleasant active ingredients, mustard or lemongrass. These odors annoy your dog, who will stop barking. Because he quickly develops a reflex of association between smell and barking, which pushes him to be silent.
  3. The ultrasound collar
    When your dog barks, the collar sensor triggers ultrasound, noticeable by your pet but inaudible to you. These ultrasounds are annoying for your dog and cause him to stop barking.
  4. The vibration collar
    This denier type of collar emits, not ultrasound or an electrical impulse, but vibrations in your dog’s neck, which bothers him and causes him to stop barking.

Comparison of anti-bark collars for dogs: choose it well!

Now all you have to do is choose the collar that best suits your dog’s situation. We offer you seven models that we have tested and that we consider to be the best, showing you the type of necklace, and the benefits you can expect from it. Do not hesitate to consult the details of each product on the link provided in the description.

  1. Zolia LUX anti-bark collar: It is an electrostatic stimulation model with an excellent price-performance ratio. It is suitable for all dogs weighing more than 5 kilos, and therefore should not be used for puppies or small dogs. You can adjust the collar around the neck (up to 60 cm). There are 7 positions corresponding to an increasing intensity of the electrical stimulation to sensitize your dog to stop any untimely barking.
    Zolia BARKING STOP LUX anti-bark collar - Electrostatic stimulation

    Zolia BARKING STOP LUX anti-bark collar – Electrostatic stimulation

    Notice 4 79

    € 24.99


  2. Zolia PREMIUM bark collar: This collar incorporates a technology based on the combined delivery of electrostatic stimulation, vibrations and ultrasound. It therefore offers several modes of use to choose from: ultrasound, or ultrasound and vibration, ultrasound and electrostimulation, or all three at the same time. It is therefore a versatile model, offering great flexibility to adapt to your dog who will quickly get used to it and stop barking.
    ZOLIA BARKING STOP PREMIUM anti-bark collar - Vibrations, sounds and stimulation

    ZOLIA BARKING STOP PREMIUM anti-bark collar – Vibrations, sounds and stimulation

    Reviews 4.5 13

    € 29.99


  3. CANICOM anti-bark collar for dogs: This collar is also based on several principles: a spray (short or long), ultrasound, or vibrations. It is therefore again a modular model depending on your dog. It is coupled to a remote control, which allows you to control it remotely by choosing the stimulation mode.
    Canicom Dog Bark Collar - Spray

    Canicom Dog Bark Collar – Spray

    € 136.99


  4. CANICALM PREMIUM Electric Bark Collar: The Canicalm Premium sends electrostatic stimulation or ultrasound, according to 4 operating modes. You can adjust the level of each stimulation. This collar is equipped with two electrodes sensitive to vibrations produced by your dog’s barking.
    CANICALM PREMIUM Bark Collar - Electrostatic Stimulation

    CANICALM PREMIUM Bark Collar – Electrostatic Stimulation

    Notice 4 10

    € 49.99


  5. EYENIMAL bark collar: It is an ideal collar for small dogs with a maximum weight of 4 kilos. When your dog barks, he sends out electrostatic stimuli of varying intensity and length, coupled with ultrasound. Convenient to use, this collar is very versatile.
    Small Bark Control Bark Control Collar for Small Dogs Eyenimal - Electrostatic Stimulation

    Small Bark Control Bark Control Collar for Small Dogs Eyenimal – Electrostatic Stimulation

    € 99.99


  6. Indoor PETSAFE bark control box: It is not a necklace, but a case which acts mainly indoors. It emits ultrasound when your dog barks in your home. Note that it can act against the barking of several dogs, within a radius of 8 meters. It comes with fixing bands and a battery indicator.
    PETSAFE Indoor Bark Control Indoor bark control system - Ultrasonic

    PETSAFE Indoor Bark Control Indoor bark control system – Ultrasonic

    Notice 3 13

    € 34.99


  7. Outdoor EYENIMAL bark control unit (ultrasonic): Like the previous one, this model is not a necklace, but a case which is ideal for outdoor use. Shaped like a lantern, it emits ultrasound when a dog – yours or your neighbors’ – barks inadvertently.
    Outdoor bark control unit - Ultrasonic

    Outdoor bark control unit – Ultrasonic

    Notice 1 1

    € 59.99


What to remember ?! The use of a dog bark collar is harmless to the integrity of your animal: it will not suffer any pain or damage. This device allows you to control your dog’s excessive barking, and facilitates his education. Given the diversity of existing models, it is necessary to select a necklace that is adapted the age, breed, morphology and temperament of your dog. Do not hesitate to contact your veterinarian before choosing an anti-bark collar. Remember that this necklace provides a solution to the consequences of a situation: it does not address the causes. The use of a collar will therefore along with education of your pet.

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