Dog ACTU: Sale of dogs and cats prohibited in pet stores

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ACTU : Vente de chien et chat interdite en animalerie

From 2024, the sale of dogs and cats currently authorized in pet stores will be purely prohibited, thanks to the proposed law on animal abuse. In addition, it oversees the online sale of pets, reserved exclusively for animal shelters and breeders.
Great Britain has already adopted this amendment since last year and many animal welfare associations requested it. Small pets such as rodents, rabbits or ferrets are not affected by this ban.

The sale of dogs and cats will be banned from 2024: a major step forward against animal abuse

Platforms like Leboncoin which allows exchanges between private sellers and future owners must respect a framing charter : this provides for the obligation of an identification number on the animal, its age, its breed, its vaccination record, its sterilization, its antecedents. On social networks, especially Facebook, ads are not prevented and continue to scroll.

By passing this law, the National Assembly aims to stop the trade in puppies and kittens, insufficiently weaned and causing behavioral disorders which encourage the abandonment of these animals. It also wants to curb compulsive shopping in France and encourage the accountability of the act of adoption of an animal.

At the same time, it is compulsory to hold a knowledge certificate on the occasion of the acquisition of a pet.

The National Assembly imposes a certificate of knowledge: a pledge of responsibility

Adopting a pet requires certain responsibilities in its regard: nutrition, veterinary care, affection, availability, budget. In order for all future pet owners to realize the reality of having a pet in the home, the government requires them to sign this document to avoid dropouts still too frequent. Better to be safe than sorry!

The certificate of knowledge therefore lists the duties of an animal owner, whether feathered, furry, scaled or shelled: his duty of care, food, immunization and the intrinsically related cost. As a reminder, one in two French people own a pet and are among those who most often abandon animals. While the period of confinement has encouraged the French to adopt animals, there is no less abandonment or cruel acts towards their companions.

Thus, the certificate enlightens the purchaser on adoption of an animal : it also specifies the drawbacks of taking charge of an animal. The aim is to fight against abandonment and strengthen sanctions in the event of animal abuse. The penalty for the intentional death of the animal is 3 years’ imprisonment and a fine of € 45,000. After conviction, the person no longer has the right to own a pet.

The fight goes on against animal abuse, in particular with the citizen’s referendum which prohibits intensive breeding, fur, cages, hunting with hounds, the exploitation of wild animals in shows (circuses, television), the end of the experiment animal. The deputies do not give up, the associations and the more or less popular celebrities lead a bitter fight in favor of the animal cause.

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