Dog 5 tips for dog walking: team lead or harness?

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5 conseils pour la promenade du chien : team laisse ou harnais ?

No matter the season of the day, whether it’s windy, the sun bites, rain or snow, your dog really needs to walk to stretch his paws regularly. The dog walk then becomes essential and vital, in particular to meet physiological needs. An animal locked up all the time in an apartment will not be happy, even if it stays around its property in a fenced and limited garden.
The walks bring many benefits to your dog: they stimulate his sense of smell, accentuate his sociability with other animals or people, and fully develop his well-being.
Before you rush headlong into your outdoor walks, Think of equip yourself well to walk your pet dog. Our canine experts advise you on the walk of your dog so that it can go perfectly for you and your furry companion.

1. Walk your dog every day

The dog walk must be adapted to its age, breed and specific needs. Indeed, a young puppy requires 10 to 15 minutes of daily outings, two to three times a day. It is essential to stick to it, because potty training begins at this precise moment and requires repetitions to urinate outside and become clean well enough early.

Then a adult dog will be able to go out for 30 to 45 minutes per day, or even 1 hour, depending on his form, physical condition and race. It goes without saying that a small dog such as a Cocker Spaniel or a Jack Russel will need less energy than a large purebred dog such as a Husky or a German Shepherd.

Finally, a senior dog from the age of 7, will feel more the need to stay warm on his favorite bed, or cool in the shade in summer. In this case, you will prefer micro-outings, that is to say, several short walks.

Of course, you will adjust the number of daily walks depending on your availability: if during the week while working, it is difficult to do more than one during the day, on weekends, however, you can make up for the frequency of walks.

2. Choose the collar for walking in the countryside or for small dogs

The dog collar is necessary to attach a leash to it. But also, it allows to identify the animal if it has a medal in the name of the dog, with the telephone number of the master. Thus, in the event of a leak or loss, the person who collects your dog can contact you quickly.

This simple and practical accessory is placed around the neck, and adapts to all body types, provided you choose it well. For that, it is enough to measure with a tape measure around the neck of your dog in cm. To this end, the Ecopetly dog ​​collar is available in three sizes, to better meet the requirements of your dog. As a bonus, its eco-label guarantees lasting and comfortable resistance without altering the surrounding nature.

It is preferable to opt for a collar if you have a small purebred dog, or if you are used to releasing it loose in the countryside. On the contrary, a large dog may have a collar for identification, but will be difficult to control on a leash, because the outfit exercised at a single point is insufficient for its owner.

Zolia Ecopetly dog ​​collar - several sizes available

Zolia Ecopetly dog ​​collar – several sizes available

Notice 5 5

€ 1.99


3. Use the harness for city walks or for large dogs.

As explained previously, large breeds of dogs and their owners will be more comfortable with the use of a harness. There are even harnesses for small dogs, better suited for walks in the city center, where traffic is heavy, for example, in pedestrian streets or on highways.

It is recommended to use a dog harness for learning to walk on a leash, for a puppy for example. An adult dog who tends to pull on his leash will enjoy his walks more comfortably with a harness around his body. It is put on by the legs or the head, attaches to the back or the side of the flank, and offers total freedom of movement to the animal.

Dog owners adopt this accessory for limit heavy pulls of their dogs, and to better control them during walks. It is very important to choose the right size dog harness, neither too loose nor too tight, in order to avoid any risk of injury or leakage.

Premium Mint Touring Harness

Premium Mint Touring Harness

€ 8.49


4. Select a leash for my dog

Several leash lengths are available for all dog breeds. It will therefore be necessary to choose your leash according to the profile of your dog, whether he is very active, rather sedentary, easy or difficult to hold outdoors. For example, a leash that is too long is not suitable for a restless dog.

A puppy learning to walk on a leash will prefer medium length for gently controlled freedom. Retractable leashes are ideal for your loyal companion. Short or long, they offer more space for small to medium sized dogs. The steel leash, of proven robustness, is rather reserved for large dogs which show a lot of strength or resistance. Finally, for your greatest pleasure, nylon leashes are perfectly adequate for all dogs, in fun and trendy colors.

Exclusively, Zoomalia offers you a ecological leash made from plastic bottles. In addition to preserving the environment, you will enjoy long walks with your dog thanks to its ideal length of 1.20 m. It is also suitable for learning to walk your young dog and its heather gray appearance is sure to please you!

Zolia Ecopetly Dog Leash

Zolia Ecopetly Dog Leash

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€ 4.99


To make up for the lack of walks, less motivating in winter, Zoomalia suggests that you play with your dog at home. Many play activities are possible at will inside your home, and during your walk in the open air in the countryside.

Spend as much time as possible with your dog, he will be even happier and more fulfilled. Play with him at ball, treasure hunts or hide and seek.

To find out more, discover at the end of your reading this blog article on the different exercises dedicated to your playful dog!

The dog walk requires regular frequency and good routine habits so that your outing does not turn into a trip. That you are leash or harness, it seems essential to have both depending on the use you make of it and where you are. The dog saddlery accessories offered by Zoomalia are intended for serene and sustainable walks, while being mindful of the impact of its products on nature. Pleasing your dog is completely compatible with eco-responsible purchases. Take advantage of an Ecopetly collar with its matching dog leash to start the good learning to walk on a leash of your four-legged friend.

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