DIY Valentine’s Day dog: 9 ways to love your beloved dog

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DIY Saint-Valentin : 9 façons d

Zoomalia knows that the master & dog couple is a beautiful and long love story. Your pet deserves a lot of affection from you, as they keep expressing them through their body language, postures, and enthusiastic demeanor.
Your dog is expecting just one sign from you. Observe him closely and show your feelings towards him. Let yourself be guided today by Cupid who reveals the 9 ways to love your dog daily.
Here are 2 favorite quotes from Zoomalia that we are happy to share with you: “Everyone thinks they have the best dog and they are all right” according to WR Purche. And because we are romantic on this Valentine’s Day … “Who loves me, loves my dog” says Saint Bernard of Clairvaux.

1. Pet and love your dog

The dog is a living being, sensitive, emotional and filled with love for his master, regardless of the breed. Far from counting for nothing, he is a full member of the family within the household. Your four-legged friend therefore needs tenderness, of comfort and of security. Your dog loves your hugs, so why go without?

Take it in your arms, stroke it at will around the head, along its back or under the stomach. It will not take long for him to lick your hand as a thank you for this moment of intense and slobbering embrace 🙂

2. Be available for your dog

Devoting time to your dog allows you to show your authority as a master and create link, complicity, attachment, and finally, to grow a true love. The best way tolove your dog according to Zoomalia is to have a good time with him, playing, walking, cuddling or reading aloud next to him.

Your dog can get bored and depressed if you give him very little time. When deciding to adopt a pet, availability is essential, more important than the allocated budget.

3. Reward your dog with treats

The dog treats are known to help you in the success of your dog training and to perfect an impeccable oral hygiene. It is also possible to offer it for the pleasure, its pleasure! Be careful not to abuse this habit too much, in case of obesity or overweight, knowing that the main function of a treat concerns the obedience reward.

Your good encouragement can occasionally go through a few premium quality treats and to congratulate him on his good dog attitude!

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You often hear this reflection about animals, namely, that all they need is their voice. Also, their keen intelligence is no longer to prove. Your dog understands everything (well almost!), Confide in him in the palm of his ear or explain to him (like a child) what you are doing.

With a careful look, he will not cut you off, except to approve what you are saying. Your dog will greatly appreciate this Warning and the intonation employee : the more acute and joyful it is, the more receptive and playful your animal will be. It will return the favor with a snout or paw or wagging its tail.

The first aid to bring to his pet on a daily basis are obviously food, water and hygiene. Although meeting your physiological needs is essential, you must also wear interest and affection essential to their well-being.

So take care of your faithful dog by bringing him his bowl of kibble and fresh water accompanied by a beautiful smile, a kind word and a pat on the head. You will make your dog the happiest animal on Earth.

6. Celebrate your birthday

We all have a birth to celebrate, even that of your little companion. To satisfy his greed, make a beautiful dog birthday cake, wish him a happy birthday and blow out the candles with him.

Zoomalia offers you many recipes suitable for pets, without risk to their health. This honor will make him all happy and excited, like a child, especially if you reserve him a surprise gift to discover.

7. Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Your pet does not require any material gifts on Valentine’s Day. He only asks for love and full of affection, every day of the year. Single or married, on this occasion you can thank him for remaining faithful by your side, and for showing you unconditional, sincere and lasting love.

It’s very easy to celebrate this love that unites you, so make her happy by giving her a new fresh food, a toy or a longer trip to the park than usual.

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Inside or outside the house, you must play with your dog in order to strengthen your complicity and your dog training. Indeed, the dog games are excellent engines of development, confidence and learning dedicated to development and well-being.

Here too, the Zoomalia blog gives you countless ideas for having fun with your dog. Finally, it is not recommended to play with your dog if he is not predisposed to do so for several reasons: tired, recovering, old, pregnant, or simply not in the mood!

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9. Walk your dog every day

The walk is essential and vital in your dog’s life. Besides, you also need to get some fresh air every day, and a few minutes are enough to recharge your batteries outside the home or the office.

Thus, walking your dog on a leash or free brings incredible benefits on the health of your dog, such as the stimulation of his sense of smell, his socialization with his congeners and the foreign people and most important, the satisfaction of his physiological needs. .

In summary ! Enjoy your love story, sharing good times and bad times together will only strengthen the intimate and unique bond that unites you. The important thing is tolove your dog in his own way and to make him understand regularly so that he does not feel abandoned. Happy Valentine’s Day to all animal lovers, in love with their benevolent master.

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