DIY Dog: Make an Advent Calendar for your Dog

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The famous Advent calendar isn’t just for humans or children. Your loyal companion dog has been good all year too, hasn’t he? So, make him happy by making a dog advent calendar ultra trendy and decorative in this near Christmas period.
To succeed with your handmade calendar, follow the steps one by one and put your heart into it! Come on, here we go !

Photo Credit: Lisa Tastet (Loustic)

Step 1: Materials to make your Advent calendar for dogs

Here is the list of supplies needed to create your schedule:

  • Thin branch of 80 cm (a small walk in the forest is essential);
  • Spool of red or gold or silver sewing thread (your choice);
  • Kraft paper and pretty gift wrap (a stylish result);
  • Glue or scotch (who says better?);
  • Chisel, hole punch, stapler (a real secretary’s outfit);
  • Black or red or green, silver or gold felt pen (to number the pockets);
  • Exquisite treats (and yes, we think of his dog!)

Step 2: Cutting the gift envelopes before Christmas

You must make 24 small gift envelopes for the 24 days leading up to Christmas. But if you feel like it, make 25 for the sake of opening one last envelope on Christmas Day.

Cut a square from your roll of kraft paper and another from the wrapping paper. Fold it in half first and fold the edges to form a small envelope large enough to slip in your treats later. Secure the edges of the envelope with glue, tape or a stapler.

Step 3: Numbering the Advent envelopes

Write today’s date (from 1 to 24… or 25) with a marker, in the color of your choice. Alternate the numbers with 2 different markers, one silver and the other in red for example.

Once the envelopes have been made, perforate the top to slide the string which will serve as a suspension for the branch. Remember to arrange them in a certain disorder, it’s more fun.

Step 4: Filling the gift bags

Now is the time to garnish your surprise pockets away from the curious eyes of your gourmet companion. Each envelope should contain a small dog cookie or mouth stick, deer antler, or Christmas treats.

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Vary the surprises so that your dog can discover something new every day. Depending on your creative inspiration, add an original accessory that will accompany the treat, such as a bell, a sound toy, made of rope or wood, a small ball, a soft toy …

Photo credit: Lisa Tastet (Loustic discovering his treat of the day)

Take 20 cm of colored thread to tie the envelopes. Tie a first knot to close the envelope, and allow yourself a little length to be able to attach the surprise bag to the branch. Then make a double knot to secure each envelope to the branch.

Last line straight before the finish! Are your mini gifts ready? Hang them from the branch decorated with small ribbons. All you have to do is fix your branch high so that your dog does not access it too easily and hastily destroy your masterpiece.

Photo credit: DIY Lisa Tastet

Install your branch suspended from the rod of your curtain from one end to the other for example. Open the gift from December 1st until D-Day, you will make someone happy every day, that’s for sure!

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LILY’S KITCHEN Advent Calendar for Dogs (3 types of Cookies)

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The countdown can begin … At the foot of the Christmas tree, your dog will find his Christmas present, but which one? A Kong toy? A sweater or a dog coat? A beautiful necklace? Only you know! Truth be told, the most beautiful immeasurable offering will be your love for him and all the attention he receives every day.

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