DIY dog: 6 deliciously easy kong dog recipes

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DIY : 6 recettes kong pour chien délicieusement faciles

To occupy his dog during the winter, the kong toy is a nifty find that keeps her entertained for hours while lovingly feasting. You will make sure to choose a Kong toy that is suitable for your pet’s jaw and age. Before garnish your Kong for dog, wash it and rinse it thoroughly.
All that’s left to do is be inventive by concocting delicious toppings to put in your pet’s Kong toy. Quickly discover the succulents natural recipes that our Zoomali chefs have specially prepared and reserved exclusively for it.

1. Delicious cheese knaki

List of ingredients :

  • Fresh spreadable cheese, Laughing cow or Saint-Morêt;
  • Mini-sausage cocktails;
  • Diced Gruyère cheese;
  • Carrots and peas.

Mix your cream cheese, mini cocktail sausages, diced Gruyère cheese, and canned vegetables in a salad bowl.

Mix all the ingredients until you get a thick and consistent paste.

Introduce the food in the Kong toy. A puppy will certainly prefer that all the ingredients are well milled, while a junior or adult dog will be able to eat good little pieces. You can therefore leave a few pieces of cut sausage, the cubed Gruyere and the vegetables whole.

2. Gourmet duo of croquettes and pâtés

What better way to present your dog with his daily croquettes or his fresh mash of the week!

Make a porridge of croquettes and pâtés adding a little water Add grated carrots, dried pieces of meat or pieces of the butcher’s choice (liver, offal, heart).

Incorporate everything into the kong toy and offer this succulent dish to your faithful companion who will make you party by hopping impatiently.

Combine all the ingredients to form a seasonal soup.

Add a defatted chicken stock or plain boiling water to mash them into a puree.

To compact the food well, the kong dog toy in the freezer. Think about it especially in summer, like an ice cube, it immediately refreshes your dog for his greatest pleasure.

4. Flowing and appetizing gratin

List of ingredients :

  • Dog pasta, brown rice or mixed cereals;
  • Cubed cheese, from Emmental or Gouda;
  • 1 beautiful red chicken egg.

Cook the pasta, rice or cereal flakes for about ten minutes.

Add the diced cheese or grated Gruyere and bind everything together with a large beaten egg.

Spend a minute in the microwave and wait for it to cool before giving it to your dog. Serve the toy warm or cold.

5. Surprise dairy dessert

Cut a golden apple into small pieces.

Stir the fruit into the yogurt of your choice and add some natural oatmeal.

Mix the yogurt with the small pieces of apple and the cereal. Freeze everything for 1 hour, then offer the favorite dessert to your dog who will enjoy it.

6.Kong with fruits and vitamins

Place the dog snacks at the bottom of the Kong.

Fill it with compote and chopped banana.

Add 2 or 3 your dog’s favorite cookies, and the famous brewer’s yeast with guaranteed nutritional benefits.

Tip! For each recipe, you can add kong food paste or some Kong snacks with the good taste of cheese and bacon to bind it all, which will tease the lips of your faithful dog. Team Zoomalia wishes your companion a very good appetite and hopes to have given you a lot of culinary inspiration.

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