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Canine Parks: do you want to take your bigeye to a place where he can be completely free and, of course, safe?

Follow us in this article about the best canine parks in Lisbon and Porto and find out.

The best canine parks in Lisbon and Porto

One of the best programs you can do with your best friend is to get him to play freely.

Indeed, we have already identified the numerous advantages of walking your dog regularly.

There is little like the freedom to be able to run without a leash, socialize with others and spend all your energy.

Outdoors, a canine park is the ideal and safe place to do so.

Canine Parks in Lisbon

1- Campo Grande Garden

The best canine parks in Lisbon and Porto

In Jardim do Campo Grande you will find Lisbon’s first dog park.

It was opened in 2013 and consists of a large and closed space where your big dog can exercise and play on the grass or on various wooden structures or ramps, as well as on obstacle courses. All of this, without a leash.

If you live in Lisbon, this is an unmissable place to take your friend and delight yourself with his tricks and happiness.

2- Jardim Fernando Pessoa

Located in Areeiro, this garden was already visited by many owners and their bigeyes before officially opening a canine park in 2017.

Adding to the usual obstacle courses and equipment characteristic of these spaces, this park has a drinking fountain and an exclusive toilet for your best friends.

3- Bensaúde Park

The best canine parks in Lisbon and Porto

Located in the parish of São Domingos de Benfica, Parque Bensaúde also features a space dedicated to our best friends, with ramps, tires and other structures for them to play and exercise safely.

It also has several trees that provide shadows and benches to rest while letting your dog spend his energy at will and socializing with others.

4- São João Bosco Square

In Campo de Ourique you will find one of the most colorful canine parks in the city, at Praça São João Bosco.

With a sealed dirt terrain, your bigeye has several structures and agility tracks to exercise.

Here you can also find a toilet and a fountain for your friend.

5- Martyrs of the Fatherland Field

The best canine parks in Lisbon and Porto

A space with grass and clay, excellent for your dog to exercise at will.

Located in Arroios, this canine park is equipped with several structures for obstacle course and agility.

You will also find trees that provide shade in those days of almost unbearable heat, a canine bathroom and benches to rest while watching your bigeye having fun.

6- Jardim Botto Machado

Located in São Vicente (Campo de Santa Clara), it was the first canine park in the historic center of Lisbon.

One of the great advantages of this space is for the owners: in addition to the green spaces, it also has a fantastic view of the Tagus.

In the canine park itself, your best friend will have access to numerous equipment to exercise, play and socialize. In this space, you will also find benches and trees with spaces for shade, toilet and canine drinking fountains.

Near Lisbon you can find other canine parks where you can take your best friend:

– São Pedro do Estoril Dog Park, in Cascais;

– Parque Canino de Agualva and Mira-Sintra, in Sintra.

Canine Parks in Porto

The best canine parks in Lisbon and Porto

In the Porto area, we find fewer canine parks.

The reason may be related to the bet made in this area, which started a few years later than in Lisbon. Indeed, the first canine park in the Porto area was opened only 3 years ago (in 2017).

For those who live in Porto, these are some of the canine parks where you can take your dog:

1- Jardim Paulo Vallada / Jardim das Pedras

In Bonfim we find a canine park with a different characteristic from the usual one.

Opened in 2019, the great specificity of this park consists of having two spaces composed of equipment for training and physical exercise: one for large dogs and another for small dogs.

Here you can find human and canine drinking fountains, a litter box and garbage bag dispensers.

If you live nearby, we guarantee that you will not regret visiting with your bigeye.

2- Picoutos Park

Located in Matosinhos, here you will find one of the largest canine parks in the Porto district.

Like others, this presents itself as a favorite place for your bigeye to spend energy. Some of the features include agility equipment, benches and shaded rest areas, drinking fountains and garbage bag dispensers.

Not only is it fantastic for your best friend, it is also great for the environment. This park also features recycled materials, such as tunnels and tires for your bigeye to exercise.

3- Seara Canine Park

The best canine parks in Lisbon and Porto

Located in Matosinhos, this park was inaugurated in the week of the animal, in 2019.

In this park you will find green and play areas, drinking fountains, garbage bag dispensers and logs to train your friend.

It is essentially a space for play and socialization.

4- Quinta do Covelo Canine Park

Opened in September 2020 (about a month ago), this is the new canine park to visit in Porto.

You will find human and canine drinking fountains, benches to sit in the shade while watching your friend’s games and garbage bag dispenser.

This space will also be equipped with logs and appropriate equipment to create the famous agility obstacles.

Like the Jardim Paulo Vallada canine park, here you will have two separate locations depending on the size of the animals: large and small.

If you live in the area, be one of the first people to visit this park.

The best canine parks in Lisbon and Porto

Have a day together (or more) with your best friend.

Take him for a walk in one of these parks and delight while watching him playing, exercising and making new friends.

* We define Parque Canino as a closed place where a dog can be freely, without a leash.

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