DIY cat: 7 ideas for transporting our animals

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DIY : 7 idées pour le transport de nos animaux

The beautiful days are ahead of us in this spring, even summer period! Besides, you started to take your pet out outdoors more often. Maybe you’ve planned a getaway with your dog, cat or rodent? Zoomalia offers everything you need to transport your companion everywhere and easily, in order to enjoy quality outdoor moments without restraint of displacement.
From city walks, to the countryside, around a lake or by the ocean, there are plenty of opportunities on the horizon as soon as you are well equipped. Zoomalia therefore suggests you 7 ideas for transporting your pet loved it.

“In the car Simone! “Julien Doré would say to his beautiful white Swiss Shepherd. But how transport your animal well safe ? Equip your vehicle in the best possible way. There are separation grids to prevent the animal from slipping onto the seats and obstructing your driving. Then a transport cage rigid offers real safety during transport by car due to its stability in the trunk. Other materials optimize the car ride such as the ramp and the protective cover for your seats. If your dog is elderly, this will be of great help to you.

It is mandatory to opt for a IATA standardized transport box (International Air Transport Association), because the animal must be able to stand and move in its cage. If your cage does not meet this compliance, you may not be able to fly with your pet.

If this one is small and not heavy, you may be able to have it on your lap during your trip. Check with your airline for confirmation.

3. Travel by train or bus

To enjoy a hassle-free journey on a train, tram or bus, you will probably need to muzzle your dog weighing more than 6 kg. You will gently hold it at your feet the entire way. Other small pets such as cats, hamsters or guinea pigs are allowed in the vehicle by collegial agreement of travelers.

It is recommended that you bring a transport cage or a well closed bag, especially if your pet is fearful and not used to this kind of movement. Think about a calming or anti-stress before departure. Your pet must remain accompanied under your full responsibility.

4. Back and forth in the garden

It is the ideal place for your four-legged animal! A transport container extra allows you to easily and quickly transport the animal from one place to another. What a pleasure to see him run up and down … now is the time to play with him!

If you have a dog, you can give him multiple toys such as a ball, soft toy, frisbee, rope, chew toy, or sound toy. In addition, a water toy will be welcome in case of hot weather.

A cat, meanwhile, will have fun with fake plush mice, balls, hanging, interactive toys or even a simple fishing rod!

For a rodent, a rabbit or a ferret, think of the hutch and the outdoor enclosure which will allow it to gain space and to stretch its legs in complete safety. If your pet spends most of his time indoors, it is better to offer him semi-freedom in your garden to prevent him from escaping or getting lost accidentally. Rodent’s favorite toys are mainly to gnaw on, made of natural wood, but you can set up a play area with a tunnel (the rabbit loves that), a ball, a bridge, a ball. exercise or a seesaw, and for the more athletic among them, a show jumping.

Thus, you risk transforming your yard or your garden into a leisure park for animals, but when you love, you don’t count!

Photo credit: Zoomalia “Frimousse”

It’s time for the walk on a leash essential for your dog. Since the time change (from winter time to summer time), you have noticed that the days are getting longer. So, take advantage of this bonus of natural light and sunshine to take a walk with your little companion. Accessories adapted to your pet will facilitate your walks, even the longest.

Leashes, harnesses, strollers, dog saddlery or cat harnesses give more comfort and pleasure to your daily outings. The stroller option is relatively reserved for a puppy, a kitten, for a senior or recovering animal.

Your small rodent may also benefit from a ergonomic harness depending on its species whether it is a rabbit, a dwarf rabbit, a ferret, a rat, a guinea pig or a hamster. Indeed, it is important to protect it from external dangers, predators or traffic. It is a complementary accessory that can also allow you to attach it well in its transport cage like a seat belt.

The mountains, the beaten track and the fresh air are calling you? Share it with your companion (who never leaves you) by carrying it on your back thanks to a suitable backpack and comfortable. Do not forget to let it walk by your side, and to carry it in the event of a difficult or accessible path.

The carrying bag protects it from the wind or the passing rain. The Shoulder Bag is excellent for a small pet. The bag with wheels is intended for paved roads of course and relieves your back of the weight of the animal.

7. By bike, electric or not

In Paris by bike or by bike in Paris, it doesn’t matter! In town or in the countryside, you love to cycle or two-wheeler, and even more with your companion on board! Practice the bicycle without any risk for him and find the perfect bicycle transport accessories to fully enjoy beautiful walks in the sun.

You will definitely need a bicycle basket, of a luggage rack, or a bike trailer. Or, if your dog wants to run next to you, opt for a jogging leash. What sport in perspective, you close to him on the latest rollerblades!

IN SHORT ! Zoomalia recommends some recommendations for transport your pets safely. We must think carefully upstream about the means of transport used and the necessary additional tools. The pleasure of the ride must be particularly shared, and the welfare of the animal preserved. Our online catalog on transport revolutionizes your escapades in the company of your faithful animal. It is much more pleasant to discover the world together and to freshen up your body and mind for a weekend or a day!

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