DIY cat: 4 ideas for making a cat tree

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The cat tree provides an excellent play area for your pet cat. In addition to contributing to his hygiene, especially to maintain his claws, and to his development, because it allows him to have a good time of fun, the cat tree can be made by yourself by arming yourself with a few accessories. and a little creativity. Treat your feline, preserve your furniture and your wallet, by making this beautiful accessory which is totally dedicated to him.

What could be more logical and simple to achieve than to get a tree branch in your garden or in a forest. You just have to fix the branch vertically on a solid and stable support (metal or wood) and cover the latter with a carpet or a synthetic fur-type floor for the comfort of your animal. Then wrap the small trunk in sisal rope to create a efficient scratching post and add wooden platforms to the ends of the branch to provide a rest or toilet area well appreciated by your cat. Finally, hang up a few toys like a ball attached to a string or hanger, a soft toy or catnip.

Packages, do you want some? Do not throw them away. Collect the beautiful Zoomalia boxes to make one suitable cardboard tower to your beloved cat. Make sure they are strong enough to support the weight of the animal. Come on, a little imagination, assemble the boxes of different sizes one after the other to create staggered platforms. Do not hesitate to fix them to the base on a wooden stand for better shaft rigidity. Finally, cut openings large enough so that your cat can move around inside the boxes like in a tunnel. You can also surround the boxes with a little sisal rope : guaranteed stylish effect and efficient shaft for the wear of its claws.

Pallet cat tree

Very trendy, pallets already adorn your interior. A wooden crate or a small pallet will do very well. In principle already assembled, you just have to fix your cat tree on the wall or put on the ground, at your convenience and according to your place. Layer them up to create a floor and a cozy hiding place if you can have more than one. Garnish the bottom of the wooden cage with a padded mattress, a fabric cushion to guarantee your companion long naps as desired. Accessorize it all as you like with stuffed animals, toys, rope, cork to keep your friend entertained throughout the day.


The scale cat tree

Have a wooden ladder serving as a heated towel rail or an old ladder lying around your garage. The essential sisal rope will be perfectly wound at each bar. Then personalize your beautiful ladder with durable burlap to the paws of all cats. Another brilliant idea! Place the ladder against your facade inside or outside and present at the end a small square shelf on which your feline can hide in height. You can also hang wicker baskets on each pillar of the ladder (not too heavy) to offer it a cozy and cozy nest for its privileged naps.

You will make people happy with your 100% DIY cat tree with natural and ecological materials. Your cat will enjoy his favorite game whether you are present or not: you will only have to admire it with joy and you will find that it is not likely to be bored in your absence.

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