DIY cat: 11 unusual objects for World Animal Day

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Pot de fleurs cachette pour animal

Home sweet Home, welcome home to you and your loyal animal! Sunday October 4 is the feast of the dog, the cat and all the animals with hair, feathers or scales. The international animal day is the perfect opportunity to pay homage to your beloved companion and to make you happy.
With your handyman’s briefcase in hand, search for lost or unnecessary items in your garage or home. Our creative specialists have concocted great ideas for you fromfamiliar objects that can still be used before throwing them away. All this for the well-being of your animal and embellishment of your interior. Ready? To your tools!

1. Flowerpot hiding place for your pet

Get a large decorative flowerpot for your home in which you will have a smaller plant or fake plant. The top of the pot contains only the flower pot. Underneath, create an opening in the flowerpot large enough for the size of your pet, whether it is a cat, small dog or rodent. So you get a perfectly successful secret hiding place.

What could be more trendy to set up a small teepee for your furball’s long naps? As well suited to a rabbit, a gerbil or a cat, the tipi is the ideal place to take refuge there in complete safety and have a cozy cocoon. In addition, it offers a refined and natural note to your interior, in your living room or your living room.


3. Vintage suitcase as a dog bed

Your old collector’s suitcase really has character and deserves a second life for your pet. And yes, fill the interior with a cushion or a thick duvet for optimal comfort.


4. Pallet sofa for dog

A pallet for a small dog or two stacked for a large dog promise a comfortable sofa. Place it outside on your terrace so that your pooch can enjoy the fresh air and the sun. You can also add 4 casters to move your sofa easily.


5. Ikea multi-function cat furniture

Simply make a bed and a scratching post all in one for your cat. A small square piece of furniture placed on the floor associated with two comfortable cushions will make a resting place very appreciated by your cat. Add sisal rope to an accessible part of the furniture so that your cat can scratch it without damaging the furniture.


6. Wine boxes as a bunk bed

A few wine crates are lying around in the cellar… Why not assemble two and make a real miniature bunk bed for your pet? Very clever, this ideal bed will make people happy!


7. Rodent swing napkin holder

Your towel rack is empty and clutters your worktop. What a great idea to turn it into a little swing hanging from roasting twine. Line the bottom with hemp litter for extra softness on your little rodent’s paws.

8. Scratching post cutting board

Think about your cat and their maintenance needs, including claws. And at the same time, save your pretty furniture. A worn wooden board wrapped in sisal rope makes for a perfect scratching post suitable for your everyday pet.


9. Raised animal bowls

Integrate one or more stainless steel bowls (for the design side) in a wooden tray or on the seat of used chairs. A stroke of paint to give a new and matching appearance to your furniture, and voila!


10. Wall-mounted accessory holder dedicated to your animal

A palette painted in the colors of your choice or simply lazuré, to be fixed to the wall of your entrance, will allow you to cleverly store all your articles and accessories of your dog or your cat. A wooden board or board can be a great substitute for a pallet, if you don’t have one. All you have to do is hang up your favorite equipment: leash, candy jar, GPS collar, dog puffer or sweater, brush, toy, etc.


11. Tennis ball, kibble or candy dispenser

Keep your pet occupied in a fun way. Using a craft knife, make a hole large enough in the tennis ball to insert dry dog ​​or cat food. Your companion will have hours of fun with this ball, which automatically rewards him by distributing croquettes or tasty treats.

Devote some of your time to your pet by pampering him for his party! You have the best ideas to spoil him and tinker with cozy and original places. Other ultra creative DIY workshops are waiting for you at your online pet store. Zoomalia wishes you a very nice day in the company of your favorite animal.

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