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Les Chats Loupés

Created on September 9, 2016, The Wolf Cats is a non-profit association under the 1901 law which undertakes to collect stray cats on the agglomeration of Grand-Dax. The aim is to avoid overpopulation of cats and animal abuse, in particular through sterilization.
Its priority mission is to sterilize free cats who cannot bear to live with humans and who are subsequently reintegrated into their place of life by feeding and caring for them if necessary.
Having no refuge, she has several host families Mainly domiciled in the municipalities of Dax, Peyrehorade and Banos. Thus, 120 to 150 cats are adopted per year on average: however, note a peak in May / June up to 30 cats / month at the start of the kittens’ period.

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Do you want to become a Host Family for a cat?

Become Host Family (FA) within the association. Your mission is to take care of a chat supported by the association in order to propose it later for adoption. You will give him the best care until your little protégé finally finds a loving family. It can be an adult cat, a kitten or a sick or injured animal to be treated and put back on its feet. Your presence is then essential during this time.

The associative team stays in contact with you and checks the good socialization of your occupant, especially if he has to live with other pets.

At the time of adoption,
separation can be difficult because of your natural attachment. That said, you choose the future adopters with the association, and you can continue to hear from your little protégé. Some encounters give birth to new relationships that last.

Your noble mission therefore ends there: to save a cat, to restore its confidence in humans, and to offer it a master for life. The association remains at your side to pass the course of adoption.

Do you want to adopt a kitten or a cat?

The cost of adoption is then 140 € for a healthy cat.

Everything is OK ? Perfect, the host family will contact you to get to know the cat better. You put a reserve option on the animal and together you program the official date of adoption. Remember to bring a transport cage to bring your favorite companion home. Finally, the association takes care of the last formalities concerning the change of owner.

Enjoy a adoption meeting day monthly. A number of cats and kittens are presented there. The association carries out simple checks in favor of the animal’s well-being: compatibility between the future owner and the cat, its environment, household animals, members of your family, your lifestyle … In addition, the medical care provided to felines is fully supported by the association:

  • Identification,
  • AIDS / Leucosis Test,
  • Deworming,

  • Mandatory sterilization,

  • Veterinary consultation.

TO REMEMBER ! Take part in the animal cause thanks to Wolf Cats, a trustworthy association, which allows a better future for unhappy cats. Like any associative structure, the material and human resources are sincerely lacking in the daily functioning of such an association. Donations will be welcome, food (croquettes, pâtés), beds and blankets, antiparasitics and dewormers, toys, scratching posts and cat trees, etc. Interested? Support Les Chats Loupés by visiting their Facebook page and discover their latest news!

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