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Comment dénoncer une maltraitance animale ?

You are witness to a persecuted animal by his master or a third person? The dog or cat in question is visibly showing signs of bodily harm, and you want to act effectively. The animal abuse is an act of cruelty to an animal domestic or wild that a “human” inflicts on a daily basis. Any ill-treatment is punishable by law and exposes the perpetrator to financial sanction and imprisonment.

How do you know if an animal is being abused?

An anxious, stressed, fearful, fearful or aggressive animal shows likely signs of negligence, of mistreatment, even of torture.

The owner of a domestic animal has a duty to nourish and hydrate it properly in order to guarantee him good health throughout his life. This therefore means that a dog, for example, must have at his disposal a clean bowl of kibble and a bowl of fresh water regularly.

An animal that stays attached to his leash or locked in a room is not necessarily mistreated, as long as its physiological needs are met. Nevertheless, the latter should not be unhappy with his captivity and should benefit from a well-lit, clean and ventilated room. The leash and collar must conform to the dog’s morphology while leaving him a certain freedom of movement and movement. As a reminder, choke or force collars are totally prohibited.

An animal left in the trunk of a car must have sufficient air. The vehicle must be parked in the shade and transport must take place in the best conditions (air, blanket, bowl of water and kibbles, compulsory break during the trip). In any way, the animal should not be exposed for hours in direct sunlight.

Finally, a benevolent master has the obligation to provide the best veterinary care to an injured or sick animal for its speedy recovery.

If you have any doubts about the conditions of keeping an animal, you should contact the authorities, associations or public administrations so that they can identify and confirm this suspicion of mistreatment.

Where to report the facts of animal abuse?

Alert the gendarmerie immediately if you witness an act of mistreatment live in a public place. Dial 17 or 112.

There are also the veterinary services of the Departmental Directorate for the Protection of Populations (DDPP) which opens a field investigation in support of photos or videos that you provide as evidence. The DDPP works with both professionals and individuals owning at least 10 animals.

Animal protection associations or national foundations can be contacted by phone:

  • SPA 01 43 80 40 66 or;
  • Foundation 30 million friends 01 56 59 04 44;
  • Association Brigitte Bardot 01 45 05 14 60.

An official site is dedicated to cases of ill-treatment visible on the Internet. Managed by specialized police officers, it allows rapid intervention: Official portal for reporting illegal content.

Know that you have the right to file a complaint if your pet has been abused by third parties.

What is the risk of the abuser?

The Civil Code recognizes since February 16, 2015 the status of animals as “sentient beings”. In the past, animals were considered movable property. The legal personality of the animal has yet to evolve in French law. The battle is not yet won. However, acts of torture or animal abuse remain offenses punishable by two years imprisonment.

Anyone who keeps a domestic animal and who does not respect its obligations towards it incurs a fixed fine of 750 €.

The Court then decides to remove the animal from the home, to prohibit its owner from owning other animals, and to place the mistreated animal within an animal protection association for future adoption.

Cases of abandonment of an animal are also considered to be mistreatment. A 2-year prison sentence as well as € 30,000 fine (proposed law bringing the sanction to € 45,000) are reserved for the malicious master.

To know ! A mistreated animal will keep his distance from people and lack essential care: thinness, injuries, pain. Traumatized, fearful or aggressive, his strange behavior speaks for itself. Like a child, the animal remains powerless in the face of this inhuman cruelty. Now you can help the poor victim to try to put an end to his ordeal and give her a second chance to experience a better future in a loving family.

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