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Optimus Fresh Meat

Nature, freshness and well-being are the key words of dog food or cat food exclusively at your Zoomalia online pet store. Optimus Fresh Meat, as its name suggests, is the guarantee of fresh and natural food, enriched with vitamins and minerals, attentive to the nutritional needs of your dog and your cat.
Opt for a super premium food at the best price on Our revealing method of opting for a direct distribution channel and choosing controlled marketing ensures that you get top-of-the-range food at the right price, 30 to 40% cheaper than equivalent products on the market. major national brands, given our short supply chain.
The Optimus Fresh Meat grain free and fresh meat croquettes offer your pet from the age of 1 a healthy and complete diet, which strengthens his health and longevity of life. Digestive problems or obesity? Never mind, Optimus dry food facilitate transit while preserving the slim line of your companion.

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Optimus dog food: premium recipes, a guarantee of high nutritional quality

Provide your dog with better nutrition and maintain his health by opting for Optimus Fresh Meat grain free chicken kibbles for adult dogs.

Optimus Fresh Meat grain free fresh chicken kibbles for adult dogs

Managing your pet’s weight can become a daily complication and ultimately a failure. Optimize your pet’s healthy weight with the Optimus Fresh Meat grain free and fresh meat croquettes having the particularity of offering a protein of better quality. This food rich in animal proteins is grain-free to get as close as possible to the dog’s natural diet. The number of calories and fats is proportioned to perfection for its morphology, which allows it to keep the line durably. Indeed, too enriched or poorly balanced kibble inevitably causes weight gain in dogs.

Note that the croquettes are made from fresh, perfectly boneless chicken meat, specially reserved for adult dogs of medium and large sizes.

The Optimus dry food are distinguished by their grain-free recipes, rigorously studied by veterinary experts.

A balanced diet is synonymous with variety and pleasure. Optimus meets this requirement, because your pet will find in its kibble a vitamin concentrate of fruits and vegetables associated with tasty white meat.

Thus, these natural ingredients bring maximum benefits to your dog, ensuring efficient and easy digestion at each meal.

OPTIMUS Fresh Meat with fresh chicken grain free for adult dogs

OPTIMUS Fresh Meat with fresh chicken grain free for adult dogs

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€ 54.99


Health benefits

The Optimus Fresh Meat grain free and fresh meat croquettes are truly adapted to each breed. The different canine species will thus benefit from premium nutrition, beneficial for their daily form.

High quality protein: a perfect dose

The chicken recipe will be the envy of everyone: its studied formula fully meets the nutritional needs of adult and active dogs. It contains essential nutrients, 36% fresh boneless chicken + 30% dehydrated chicken, an important source of good quality animal protein up to 39%. In addition to good digestion, your dog benefits from revitalized skin and a silky coat. Thus, his food appetite is fully respected and fulfilled.

Certified grain free with low carbohydrates

Each dog corresponds to a very specific profile. Indeed, sensitive dogs, prone to overweight, allergic or intolerant to gluten and cereals will have an adequate alternative for their consumption of kibble. The carbohydrate rate is only 22.5%, making Optimus Fresh one of the recipes with the lowest glycemic index on the market.

The unique formula of Optimus dry food therefore gives your dog a healthy and reliable nutritional basis, guaranteeing him a long, happy life with you.

Joint support

The glucosamine and chondroitin actively present in the kibble ideally support your dog’s fragile joints.

Glucosamine is a crucial molecule for strengthening cartilage, protecting joints and improving mobility. As for chondroitin, it effectively relieves pain associated with osteoarthritis. Therefore, aging dogs or dogs suffering from osteoarthritis will feel a real well-being, even a well-being on a daily basis if they consume them regularly. Optimus croquettes.

Unlimited fruits and vegetables

Will you recognize the carefully prepared pieces of fruit in Optimus recipes! Botanical plants and herbs, apples and carrots form a delicious croquette that will make more than one dog salivate, delighting their master. Source of fiber, vitamins and minerals, this excellent dog food is royally adapted to its jaw and helps to facilitate its transit.

Optimus Frest Meat croquettes, a successful transition

Zoomali experts advise you to respect a food transition period favorable to your dog. Indeed, this one has the habit of consuming its dog food, pâtés or jellies of other brands. His well-being depends on it. Give your companion time to adapt smoothly to the news Optimus dry food. His stomach and digestion need to get used to. Here are some recommendations to put in place over 14 days:

  • The first 4 days: 25% Optimus / 75% old kibbles;
  • From 5th to 7th day: 40% Optimus / 60% old kibbles;

  • From 8th to 10th day: 50% Optimus / 50% old kibbles;

  • From the 11th to the 13th day: 75% Optimus / 25% old kibbles;

  • 14th day: 100% Optimus and for a long time;

  • Packaging 1 kg or 12 kg.

Optimus cat food: excellent meals with essential highly digestible properties

Serve your cat healthy food and take care of it by choosing the Optimus Fresh Meat dry food for sterilized adult cats with chicken.

Optimus Fresh Meat cereal-free chicken kibbles for sterilized adult cats

The diet of an overweight cat, a sterilized cat or a sensitive cat in general must correspond to grain-free croquettes adapted to its specific metabolism. The Optimus Fresh Meat dry food offer a complete diet, high digestibility, respectful of its natural carnivore diet.

This cat food not very active or subject to overweight is made from fresh meat, boneless chicken (44% protein), rich in fibers, vitamins and minerals. The veterinary experts have thus formulated nutrients without cereals by limiting the intake of fat (13%) and carbohydrates, in order to optimize the health of your carnivorous cat.

OPTIMUS Fresh Meat Adult cat sterilized with fresh chicken grain free

OPTIMUS Fresh Meat Adult cat sterilized with fresh chicken grain free

Reviews 4.5 54

€ 12.99


The benefits on feline health

Rich in protein and consistent with its carnivorous diet, Optimus Fresh Meat dry food provide healthy and delicious recipes for your pet.

High quality fresh chicken

If your cat consumes these kibbles, he will benefit from better digestion and premium nutrients intended to fully meet his essential needs while respecting his intestinal flora. Indeed, probiotics clearly contribute to an excellent absorption of food. The formulation of these croquettes contains no less than 37% of fresh boneless chicken meat and 30% of dehydrated chicken allowing a significant protein intake of 44%. The nutrients thus developed perfectly cover the interests of your cat, respecting its rhythm of life and its beautiful appearance.

Satiety guaranteed and limited weight gain

Enriched with fiber, Optimus dry food are ideal and strongly recommended for cats sterilized or tending to obesity. They prevent overweight and the appearance of stones and urinary crystals. The cat eats its hunger without nutritional deficiency.

0% cereals and 20.5% carbohydrates

The grain-free, meat-rich formula dramatically reduces frequent feline allergies. Thus, the starch intake and the limited carbohydrate rate allow you to better control your cat’s digestive and urinary problems.

Strengthening the positive immune system

The Optimus dry food contain a high content of vitamins and minerals which effectively support the cat’s natural defenses. Find exceptional supplements dedicated to its form such as spirulina, a cocktail of vitamins fortifying the body, and Yucca extracts with antioxidant, anti-parasitic and anti-bacterial properties. In addition, glucosamine and chondroitin complement these excellent croquettes which help the regeneration of cartilage and ligaments, alleviate the pain of osteoarthritis for a lasting maintenance of the joints. Taurine is also known to strengthen the heart and eyesight. Finally, the presence of salmon oil and fatty acids guarantees all felines a healthy skin and a shiny coat.

Optimus Fresh Meat croquettes, a gradual transition

Successfully changing your cat’s kibble is essential, so that its intestinal flora is not too affected by the news. cat food. It is important to integrate them gently into your bowl for a better effect and optimal digestion.

Our consultants will show you the right 11-day transition method, of which the first 8 days are a crucial step:

  • The first 4 days: ⅓ Optimus & ⅔ old kibbles;
  • From 5th to 7th day: ½ Optimus & ½ old croquettes;
  • From 8th to 10th day: ⅔ Optimus ⅓ old kibbles;
  • 11th day: 100% Optimus;
  • Packaging 1.5 kg.

TO REMEMBER ! You will no longer choose your croquettes by chance: the young brand Optimus promises to make people happy. Innovative in thedog and cat food, it boosts its high-quality recipes and perfectly meets the essential needs of your pets, under the watchful eye of veterinary nutritionists. Thus, the croquettes Optimus Fresh Meat with fresh chicken grain free for adult dogs and Optimus Fresh Meat sterilized adult cat with fresh grain-free chicken, of very good quality, are to be privileged because of the exceptional nutritional benefits brought to your four-legged companion for a very advantageous price of our private label (MDD).

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