Cat Which wet cat food to choose? The HFG concept

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Quelle nourriture humide pour chat choisir ? Le concept HFG

Owner of a healthy cat, you are part of a healthy and eco-responsible consumption approach and you want to provide your feline with the best wet cat food. Your personal tendency to eat organic or at least to eat healthy and respectful of the environment influences the choice of your food products as well as those of your animal.
You know the high protein content guarantees a carnivorous diet perfectly balanced, on condition of avoiding doubtful “by-products” in its composition. Thus, food of human quality certifies the superior quality product intended for both animals and humans. The premium ingredients for human use are then all brought together in a 100% natural mash. Recognizing it is easy! thanks to the mention HFG or HFC which means relating to your own food consumption. You are not ready to eat your cat’s food, are you? In any case, you can guarantee him high quality meals now.
Explanations on a new nutritional concept, synonymous with controlled food expertise!

Wet cat food or dry food: the winning combo!

The mash is a wet cat food essential to its organism, its vital functions and its energy needs. This type of food promotes optimal hydration which thus reduces the risk of chronic urinary tract infections in felines. Wet foods also preserve a source of high quality protein.

As for dry foods, they are known to play an important role in the oral hygiene of felines. In fact, chewing tasty kibble helps maintain healthy teeth while providing good nutrients with each meal. Your cat is more full and may eat several split meals throughout the day.

So Zoomalia asks you the question “why choose”? The bi-nutrition is one of the healthy and effective food alternatives for the health of your cat. According to our expert partners, it is necessary to provide 60% wet food and 40% dry food. However, avoid mixing wet food and dry food in the bowl, it is much better for a quality meal to feed your pet by varying its menus and alternating fish, red meat, white meat.

HFG, HFC, BIO and company: a nutritional principle revealing good health

Before selecting the best cat food or your four-legged friend’s favorite kibble, you need to understand the meaning of the following terms that define the quality of the food:

  • HFG: Acronym Human Food Grade, synonymous with HFC, characterizes a food suitable for human consumption.
    Labeled on our pâtés, this mention recalls the cooking method using broth, 100% natural, in which all the ingredients, meats and vegetables are simmered, at the right temperature in order to preserve all the flavors, vitamins and essential minerals. No saturation, the food developed for cats is perfectly balanced.
  • HFC: The acronym HFC or Human Food Consumption designates ingredients of animal and natural origin suitable for human consumption, therefore of high quality, and used in cat food. There is no meat or fish meal. No dehydrated meat or fish.

  • ORGANIC : more and more French consumers are moving towards organic, natural and homemade. Organic is a logic of life that is part of a consumer society that is fed up with mass industry and unhealthy food. It is therefore as naturally as possible that the organic invades the trays, sachets and boxes for cats to offer a rich in taste food that respects the health of the feline. The organic “Pet Food” is labeled and certified without pesticides, GMO free, nor synthetic ingredients.
    Fresh meat comes from the same human food chain and must meet the same breeding conditions (animal feed, outdoor breeding, prohibited use of antibiotics, etc.).
    Fish MSC certified (sustainable fishing) guarantees healthy and high quality proteins. Supplements, vitamins, vegetable oils, plants and natural antioxidants are part of a reasoned and refined combination of organic food.

  • Recommended by Zoomalia: our animal nutrition experts strongly recommend wet cat food fit for human consumption, such as the Quality Sens HFG food for example for cats and kittens. His whiskers will curl with pleasure as soon as the operculum opens, smelling the flavor of his fresh food. Admit that you too find it tasty and tasty.
    In addition, these delicious 100% natural recipes are made with up to 70% meat (chicken or liver) or fish (tuna, shrimp, anchovies, mackerel or salmon). The added rice is gluten-free, which respects your feline’s sensitivity as well as his digestion and vital organs. Finally, the short distribution circuit without any intermediary guarantees you the best price.

    QUALITY SENS HFG - 100% Natural Pâté en bouillon 70g for Cat & Kitten - 6 recipes to choose from

    QUALITY SENS HFG – 100% Natural Pâté en bouillon 70g for Cat & Kitten – 6 recipes to choose from

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Human-grade food: superior food for owners and cats

You have to know how to distinguish human grade food (top quality) for animals and humans food grade food (only for animals).

“Suitable for human consumption” means that the ingredients used in the manufacture of the food product meet the demanding sanitary rules of human hygiene. It also indicates that the product in question can be safely consumed by humans.

The raw materials that make up pet foods include animal protein. These proteins are suitable for human consumption which are not or little used. For example, we are eating less and less offal. We prefer cuts of poultry to whole poultry. Industry makes it possible to promote these excellent quality products which are despised for cultural or seasonal reasons.

While the manufacturing process of a feed is rigorously adhered to in our feed chain, it remains less essential in the feed chain. Yet the Food Safety is as essential for the health of the animal as for that of its owner. The fight against the formation of pathogenic bacteria or any other undesirable substances in foodstuffs makes it possible to avoid food poisoning.

Bonus! Consult an explanatory video from the Federation of Food Manufacturers for Dogs, Cats and Birds (FACCO) which gives you the secrets of making pâtés or croquettes.

Source: Facco, federation association

TO REMEMBER ! The HFG concept is indeed THE reference for wet cat food. The pâtés are made from natural ingredients fit for human consumption. You could very well consume it in the company of your cat. When you think the factory that made your cat’s pâté also used the same ingredients to make your tuna rillettes or your Sunday pâté? It’s pretty good, isn’t it? In short, what you eat that makes you happy and which is good for your health is also good for your pet. The choice is obvious, your cat is ready to eat his HFG mash!

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