Cat Which cat litter box for rabbits is non-toxic?

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Quelle litière chat pour lapin non toxique ?

You are the proud owner of a cat and a rabbit who roam free at home. For obvious economic reasons, you want to provide them with one and the same litter. Besides, is there a good cat litter for rabbit nontoxic ? Zoomalia answers this interesting question and finds THE solution for you!
Like the cat, your rabbit’s litter box must remain accessible for its physiological needs. But the latter will quickly gnaw or swallow the litter of his roommate at his own risk. You should know that in principle ucat litter is not suitable for a rabbit. This can be harmful if ingested regularly.
However, you can find some exceptions from our partner manufacturers that beautify and simplify the life of your home. Discover all the essential information on the type of cat litter suitable for rabbits or rodents.

Why is kitty litter harmful to a rabbit?

Your pets get along wonderfully despite their different needs. Their common point concerns hygiene of course: a rabbit loves cleanliness as much as a cat. If it is more prudent to put them a litter adapted to each one, it is not impossible to choose a cat litter for rabbit conforms to felines, rodents and lagomorphs. To do so, you need to understand the nuances and characteristics of a kitty litter that can present a real danger if your domestic rabbit approaches it.

Regarding the cat litter made only for felines, you should know that it generates too much dust for a small rodent who breathes it. If the rabbit swallows some litter, it is toxic to him. Volatile particles obstruct its airways, and in the long run, they can cause respiratory diseases and digestive disorders.

This is the case, for example, with mineral litter. Very absorbent and conforms to the needs of the cat only, it is not intended for rabbits or rodents (rats, mice, guinea pigs) who will tend to nibble it. In addition, it is volatile and sticks unpleasantly to their small legs. Be careful, also avoid a litter based on pine or cedar resin which is toxic to the rabbit’s respiratory tract.

As your two pets live together under the same roof, the use of a non-toxic cat litter for rabbits is very practical for the master. In addition, you do not intend to compartmentalize their living space and separate them.

The exceptional advantages of a vegetable cat litter

Zoomalia has found that rare gem for you and certifies that the litter suitable for both cats and rabbits is the vegetable litter. Moreover, it mentions on its package that this natural litter is suitable for cats, rodents and birds. The peculiarities of vegetable litter respect the sensitivity of your animal, whether it is a cat, a rabbit or another fragile animal.

Completely ecological, the vegetable litter is respectful of the environment and your pet’s sensitivity. Its natural composition made of wood, hemp, corn cob or recycled paper allows it to be biodegradable in your garden or even your toilet. Not very dusty (compared to some litter boxes reserved for cats), its absorbent power easily retains bad odors.

Zoomalia recommends a fiber litter instead of the granulated one because of its appearance close to rabbit food granules. The latter could confuse his food with the litter. It is then sufficient to renew it once or twice a week. Favoring a mixed litter box for your cat and your rabbit allows you to control your budget and comfort the habits of your household. Make eco-responsible purchases by taking a biodegradable product that is safe for animals.

Best of cat litter compatible with rabbits

Take advantage of our natural litters suitable for cats and rabbits without any risk of toxicity.

Discover our favorite: the Tofu clumping vegetable litter. Its natural absorbent and antibacterial power strengthens the hygiene of your feline and your rabbit. It is particularly recommended for your animals, because it presents no risk to their health. Compostable and biodegradable, it provides complete protection for the animal and your environment. Lightweight and free from pollutants, it does not adhere to hair or paws.

TofuPellets Quality Clean clumping vegetable litter - 7L

TofuPellets Quality Clean clumping vegetable litter – 7L

Reviews 4.5 157

€ 6.89


This natural cat litter 100% ecological is compatible with rabbits, rodents or guinea pigs. Not only do you make an economical purchase by selecting a common litter for your pets, but above all you make an eco-responsible purchase, because this type of litter is protective of the environment, compostable, ultra-absorbent and odorless.

Perlinette Fir wood litter for cats, rabbits, rodents and guinea pigs

Perlinette Fir wood litter for cats, rabbits, rodents and guinea pigs

Reviews 5 1

€ 14.99


Who does not know the diatomaceous earth ? This hair, feather or habitat purifier is an integral part of our vegetable litter for cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds and hens. Easy to maintain, this product is guaranteed to be 100% natural, dust free, ultra absorbent and very economical.

Perlinette diatomaceous earth litter for cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds and hens

Perlinette diatomaceous earth litter for cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds and hens

€ 23.99


Here is another vegetable litter for cats and rodents of all kinds. Made up of wood fiber pellets, it harmoniously respects the environment. Its biodegradable and absorbent qualities make this cat and rabbit litter perfect hygiene and economical comfort for a serene master.

PURELYS wood pellet litter

PURELYS wood pellet litter

Reviews 5 565

€ 4.49


To remember ! Anything that is wood shavings (poplar, aspen or beech), hemp or rolls of straw will delight your faithful companions. The cat litter for rabbit from vegetable litters does not present any harmful risk to the health of your feline or your nac. The urine of one or the other will be completely absorbed as well as their bad odor. Follow our expert recommendations and choose from a number of comfortable references a safe litter for the well-being of your pets.

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