Cat Where to keep your pet this summer?

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Faire garder son animal de compagnie cet été ?

According to the SPA, 100,000 dogs and cats are abandoned each year in France, with a peak during the summer period. The abandonment of your pet is severely punished by law. However, other choices are possible. It is not incompatible with having a dog, a cat, a rodent or chickens and enjoying your vacation. Although more and more holiday centers are accepting pets, if you want to leave without your own, there are several options available to you, besides having a neighbor or a family member to take care of him.

Pet-Sitter or Home-Sitter, a trendy and practical childcare arrangement

The Homesitting is a concept of pet sitting at home. The notorious advantages will convince you to opt for this very comfortable choice for both the animal and its owner. Your animal’s landmarks are respected, because it remains in its daily environment. Day and night guard can be programmed. Upstream, you will only have to check the references and the quality of service of the pet-sitter.

Some babysitting is organized by retirees (50 years old and over). These trusted seniors take care of your pets during your vacation. The animals are well cared for and your accommodation remains occupied, which makes the premises more secure during your absence.

Finally, you can prefer another alternative by having your companion stay with the pet-sitter. This warm and family-friendly way of caring allows you to entrust your pet to a nanny. It is therefore advisable to get in touch with her and introduce your animal to its environment during a test day. In this case, it will not be required that the person is a graduate or professional, unlike boarding houses or kennels. That said, she will be committed to ensuring the well-being of your animal until your return.

Kennel or boarding, an efficient classic guarding

Animal care is a real profession. Indeed, maintenance and care of the animal require recognized knowledge and skills which must be certified for your safety. There is a diploma CCAD (Certificate of Capacity of Pets) or certificate of knowledge that any professional must validate. Thus, the feline or canine pensions collect the animals by dedicating a dedicated space just for them. They offer quality care, proper nutrition and daily walks. Like a recreation center, they reward your pet with treats and contribute to their essential education during your absence. Surveillance cameras make it possible to reinforce their security.

On your side, you will need to make sure that your pet’s vaccines are up to date. Beforehand, it is possible to visit an approved center and make sure that hygiene is impeccable for the comfort of the animal. Night watch and emergency management will be questions to ask the facility manager.

Going on weekends and extended vacations are no longer a worry for you or your loyal companion. You have the choice of entrust your pet privileged to a home-sitter or pet-sitter or even board him. Whatever the form of care, check that the person or establishment has insurance for their activity and what they cover. Then, you can leave your home serene and confident and be guaranteed to find your happy animal, in great shape!

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