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Kittens love to play with all kinds of objects from an early age. Indeed, these animals need to sharpen their hunting instincts very early on. Toys therefore advantageously replace birds and other small field mice absent from housing.

There is therefore a preference for round and rolling objects in kittens. They also love toys with a string at the end. In addition, these animals love to bang on hanging and moving objects.

Finally, it happens that the lonely kitten likes to simulate a confrontation against an imaginary opponent or his shadow. Everything is a pretext for play for this little companion. In addition, solitary kittens are more exposed to obesity, depression, aggressiveness and finally certain diseases. The physical activity engendered by the game makes it possible to overcome these risks. The cat has 3 to 4 hours of activity per day.

Choose the toy (s)

The choice of toys is therefore very wide.

We can for example cite the traditional foam balls, or miniature soft toys. The latter will be more interesting for them if they are in the shape of a mouse. The tunnel can help the kitten hide and ambush. It will also be able to let off steam by going through it at full speed. Fishing rods allow the animal to use its hunting instincts by jumping, running after the mouse or the ball attached to the end. In addition, the scratching posts offer the kitten the opportunity to scratch its teeth elsewhere than on the leather sofa, for example. Finally, it is worth mentioning the cat trees. In addition to entertaining the kitten in many ways (thanks to the incorporated toys and hiding places), these accessories can also allow the animal to rest thanks to cozy supports, but also to scratch. Cat trees are therefore excellent sources of stimulation. In addition, a kitten in an apartment does not always have the opportunity to go outside. The latter can then take advantage of a cat tree to exercise his hunting skills. He can thus overcome his boredom and relieve his tensions. So it’s a way to keep a kitten in good shape.

Danger of everyday objects

In addition, when your kitten exercises his talents on everyday objects, rather than toys, some are harmful and can represent a danger for him. For example, he may be tempted to play with plants. However, some are likely to poison him. There is also a risk of playing with the electric wires. It is therefore necessary to remain attentive to the kitten’s activities, to prevent it from putting itself in danger, and to direct it towards the toys mentioned above. Finally, watch out for small objects such as strings, ribbons and threads that can ultimately cause digestive problems. All this reinforces the interest of providing toys for your cat.

Kitten education

It is possible to educate the kitten thanks to the attention that can be paid to it, but also through edutainment toys which can be very practical. Thus, “ball snacks” or even play mats will awaken the hunting instincts of the small animal.

Brands and benefits

Several brands offer toys of various and varied qualities. So, Cat-it innovates by selling a Senses Cat-it Design play circuit. This has the effect of attracting and entertaining the kitten, while stimulating its hunting instinct. The toy consists of 11 parts, including 4 pipes. It has the advantage of being very easy to assemble. Cat-it also considered the kittens’ natural attraction to round objects by providing their product with a ball. The latter can be slipped inside the tunnel for frenzied parties. The fact that part of the track is covered allows the animal to be able to hit the ball. It is possible to purchase scrapers and scratching posts of the same brand. Cat-it compiles several games for kittens in one product. Indeed, the track adds spice to the game of the ball, and this at attractive prices. We also find this same desire to innovate on the part of Dog-it, the alter ego of Cat-it version canine.


Ferplast also offers accessories for dogs and birds. The brand only sells a few toys, such as multicolored balls or assortments. So opt for this brand to get the accessories necessary for the happiness of the kitten. The articles are of good quality, and at affordable prices, especially since one can find discounts quite easily on websites devoted to animal products.

Otherwise, is a brand attached to Cat-it offering toys for cats. In particular, there are intuitive games such as a labyrinth intended to feed the kitten. Again, the prices are affordable and stimulate the kitten’s hunting instinct.

rixie also offers a wide choice of toys ready to stimulate your little companion. Thus, you can buy cat trees that will delight your kitten, thanks to the possibility of climbing, and thanks to the toys attached to the tree. Likewise, the brand offers balls attached to a rope, mechanical mice, as well as several types of balls in various shapes (hedgehog ball for example). Trixie does not forget that the kitten is also a mischievous animal who does not feel its strength. It is not uncommon for this one to damage a cat tree by dint of climbing it. The brand therefore sells spare parts such as poles in particular. Trixie therefore does not innovate too much when it comes to cat toys, but relies on classic products that have proven their worth. Plus, it’s clear that kittens don’t bother with the sophistication of a toy. Trixie is therefore a good choice to build up a complete and varied supply of toys for the kitten, which will find its happiness there every time.


Finally, Zolux has a website offering various items for several animals. We can thus find accessories for cats, dogs, but also for birds, fish, reptiles and rodents. Thus, in addition to cat flaps, the brand also offers several types of cat trees, from the first price to the highest range. Everyone can find something for them. Zolux offers scratching posts at all prices. The latter indeed allow the kitten to make its claws, but you can also get very practical “scratching posts” because they have a ball attached to a string. Finally, there is the classic range of toys for kittens, such as balls, mouse cuddly toys, but also foam coconut trees serving as cat trees. Here too the price choices remain varied. Zolux therefore offers several types of accessories, and a wide range of toys at all prices. Here again, this is a brand that can be a good choice for obtaining multiple and varied toys, which will inevitably make the kitten happy.


The choice of kitten toys therefore remains vast, with the possibility of trusting a single brand, or of varying. Some like Cat-it offer more sophisticated toys, like the partially covered circuit in which you can pass a ball. In any case, all of them offer “basic” toys such as the famous balls, sufficient to stimulate the animal.

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