Cat TOP 6: Ranking of Dry Food for Premium Adult Cat

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TOP 6 : Classement des Croquettes pour Chat adulte Premium

It is important to know how to choose a diet adapted to the carnivorous nature of your cat and to refer regularly to a cat food classification. His diet should be rich in protein and depends on his age, weight, possible allergies and preferences.

Many industrial foods offered in supermarkets attract and respect small budgets. On the other hand, the composition of these croquettes reveals a lower nutritional quality than those sold in specialized online pet stores. Your cat’s health draws its energy from its food and what it eats. The food premium allow him to maintain good health, optimal digestion, a shiny coat, without skin problems. While supermarket foods, which are very economical, will certainly cause digestive problems with the appearance of loose stools, and will not cover their essential needs, as they are known to be too fatty and not very suitable for their age.

Consequently, an unbalanced diet can cause urinary disorders, overweight or even overweight in some domestic felines, kidney stones, a high rate of diabetes, or frequent indigestion linked to upset stomach.

Type homemade fresh food BARF, Biologically Appropriate Raw Food, is a good alternative to supplement your cat’s diet in addition to a dry diet. Note that the raw rations prepared by you must be perfectly balanced in fresh meat or fresh fish. You must combine proteins of animal origin with cereals (if your cat’s diet allows it), green vegetables, salmon oil, and food supplements specially designed for BARF preparations: mixture of rice and vegetables , brewer’s yeast, herbal yeast, vitamins and minerals. You will agree that the short storage of fresh food cooked in this way can be a serious inconvenience for some masters. In this case, choose croquettes and offer a bowl of fresh fish from time to time for the taste pleasure of your dear feline.

It is essential to give your domestic cat a energy supply ensuring an ideal weight and better urinary and renal health. This food must be absolutely low in carbohydrates and rich in good quality animal proteins. This will ensure that it strengthens its immune defenses on a daily basis.

Do not hesitate for a single minute to learn how to read the labels of your packet of dry food which gives you all the information on the nutritional value of the food chosen.

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