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Les dangers du veganisme chez un animal

These days, more and more people are becoming vegetarians or vegans depending on the trends. Indeed, it is a choice and a respect for certain values. The vegan diet excludes all types of dairy products and dishes of animal origin. These people eat grains and legumes.
They think they are doing well by giving the same food to their dog or cat, but what works for a human being does not necessarily works for animals. Certainly the veganism carries risks for animal health.

Why is a meatless diet dangerous for dogs or cats?

The dog and the cat are carnivorous animals, so they can eat only meat. They need animal proteins in order to develop their muscles, because too much vegetable protein causes them digestive problems, in particular because of the starch. Indeed, their digestive tract is shorter than in humans and their transit much faster. On the other hand, the diet is too rich in carbohydrates and not enough in fat. In addition, the cat’s food must contain taurine at the risk of having heart problems and blindness.

Pets with a vegetarian diet will inevitably present deficiencies. Amino acids are more important in meat and calcium as well as phosphorus in fish. The nutrients must be rich in vitamin A and vitamin D3, so the small animal on a vegetarian diet quickly suffers from malnutrition. Animals without supplementation become lethargic and have problems with their intestines and even their pancreas. Food is not particularly tasty, and pets tend to lose weight. A meatless diet is therefore very dangerous for the health of dogs and cats.

What are the nutritional needs of a dog or a cat?

The dog is omnivorous and the cat carnivorous, but they are both fueled with amino acids. However, they have a different diet, as the dog is much more active than the feline. On the other hand, the latter must have food much richer in protein, ie twice as much as the dog. Both have their own bowl and there is no question of giving them the same foods.

In addition, the kitten does not have the same needs as a sterilized adult cat living in an apartment. A senior will have to have a food rich in vitamins and minerals, necessary for the proper functioning of his body. In addition, all the well-dosed mineral salts protect his bones. Supplements should not be given systematically, if the nutrients are complete.

About 30% of the proteins ingested by the cat are used to renew their coat. A deficiency causes hair loss which has become dull and brittle. He needs animal fat, but not too much, otherwise he will become obese. However, omega 3 and 6 provide energy to the cat. Arginine, on the other hand, helps eliminate toxic waste including ammonia produced by the body. By respecting their nutritional needs, you contribute to their well-being.

What are the benefits of a varied, complete and balanced diet?

By eating a balanced diet, pets have their strengthened immune system and an easier digestion. Dogs and cats redouble their vitality and have shiny hair thanks to a varied diet. This concerns both their oral hygiene and their healthy weight. You can cook meat dishes with fresh vegetables, but making it home takes time and a good knowledge of the foods of choice to avoid deficiencies.

If you are buying junk food, it is important to choose high quality ingredients. The croquettes include all the nutrients essential for its health according to its physiology, its age and its activity. However, they are not all equal, it is better to avoid the low end and turn to brands sold at the veterinarian who will direct you to grain-free croquettes. Moreover, dog food is developed in close collaboration between agri-food experts and veterinarians.

Humans like to vary their food, so your cats and dogs will appreciate a wet feed tasty that will awaken their taste buds and prevent them from getting bored. The latter is a good choice for a cat, because it drinks little and finds liquid. You can also offer it cat food which is not perishable food and it is necessary to put a bowl of water next to it. By monitoring his weight, you measure his lunch and dinner ration while leaving his kibble available all day, because a cat can eat up to 16 times a day. The dog, on the other hand, needs two meat-based rations for his organism to develop in good conditions. The kibble dispenser will help you adapt the correct recommended rations.

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In conclusion, for the health of your companion, you must provide him with food of animal origin. By approaching your veterinarian, you will have good advice for your animal, whatever its breed, age and pathology. Often, the doctor will offer you food dispenser toys so that an indoor cat can eat while having fun and energy. Finally, it is possible to accumulate the wet and dry food to offer a bi-nutrition healthy and complete.

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