Cat Having a cat: 6 health benefits

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Avoir un chat : 6 bénéfices pour sa santé

Imagine for a second that your problems health may disappear, or at most diminish daily. If you own a cat, or are considering one, you are heading in the right direction. It is evident that all cat lover can’t wait to tell you how their life has improved significantly since raising their furball for great mental and physical health! Enjoy 6 therapeutic benefits that the presence of a cat alone brings.

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Who does not appreciate the purring of a cat ? This sweet feline melody at low frequencies happily takes us into a absolute relaxation. You feel soothed, calm and good about yourself as soon as you stroke your companion. So your well-being is just as important as your cat’s. You’ve probably noticed by now, you feel a lot better after a long day at work when your furball comes snuggling up against you, don’t you?

2. Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease

The company of a cat is good for your heart. Indeed, the risk of a heart attack or stroke is significantly reduced according to American studies. Likewise, it lowers blood pressure due to caresses and hugs which provide reciprocal appeasement between the master and his companion.

Also, it is proven that a cat feels the first signs of an impending epileptic seizure. If you know children with epilepsy, you can therefore advise those around them to raise a cat.

3. Allergy resistance

Having a cat since birth is ideal for better resist cat hair allergies, mites and herbs. Do you have a history of asthma in your family? Do not hesitate to make your children grow up in the company of a cat from an early age so that they develop their respiratory problems less.

Did you know that adults allergic to cats can stop their pathology if they live continuously with their own feline? On the other hand, with other people’s cats, it doesn’t work!

4. Fight against loneliness

The cat provides the most pleasant company. If you don’t like being alone, your cat will help you be positive every day and not to be in the dark. It then preserves your good mental health. You limit depression because you find an inexhaustible source of comfort in your cat. His unconditional love returns to your heart like a saving boomerang effect.

5. Optimization of physical condition

Being a dog owner is definitely more athletic, that said, a cat owner will need to play with him, especially if he lives in an apartment. In this way, you maintain a exemplary form, you and your cat, and you create a beautiful complicity for many years. You may consider taking it outside in town using a cat harness or a suitable feline leash.

6. Improved sleep

According to a scientific study, the cat is conducive to falling asleep. Great for exhausting insomnia and sleepless nights in prospect! If you have just had a baby, try to put it to sleep peacefully with a cat, under your supervision. As the purring reduces anxiety, it helps to calmly find a restorative sleep. Moreover, the purring therapy is renowned for its healing properties: enjoy your cat’s purring, it’s free, natural and effective! Without medication or side effects …

In summary, having a cat is a real well-being for the whole family, a powerful anti-stress, and a lasting guarantee for a healthy health and a better relationship. What are you waiting for to adopt a kitten? Hurry, he is waiting for you.

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