Cat Going on vacation with your pet: it’s possible!

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Partir en vacances avec son animal de compagnie

The Foundation 30 million friends launched a campaign to protect pets as the summer holidays approach. As a reminder, 100,000 dogs and cats abandoned each year, more than half of them during the summer.

The platform #Holiday with friends thus created by the association, offers many wise advice in the event that you wish to go on vacation in France accompanied by your pet. Conversely, if you plan to leave it at home, you will benefit from valuable advice to protect it during your absence (home childcare solutions, pensions, exchanges, neighbors, family, etc.).

You will be able to note tips to properly hydrate your animal during the journey by car, train, plane or boat, to protect it against heat, to prepare meals in advance, etc.

The vacation spots that accept pets are listed to facilitate your research (camping, hosts, Gîtes de France, public areas such as beaches, etc.).

Reha Hutin, President of the 30 Million Friends Foundation, raises public awareness against the abandonment of animals and encourages establishments to welcome masters and companions. Track the label “Pet-Friendly” to spend a serene and relaxing holiday in the company of your dog, your cat or your NAC.

A interactive map informs you of the places of pensions by region to have it kept. In addition, the beaches open to animals are listed there. Finally, the various holiday accommodation (camping, hotels, lodges, bed and breakfast) integrating animals are strongly recommended.

Also download the mobile application to be informed at all times of the possibilities!

Have a great vacation in the company of your loyal pet, be it a dog, cat, NAC, furry or feathered. 30 Million Friends refuse the mistreatment of animals, fight against their abandonment, work for the animal wellbeing and your relationship with him.

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